Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lets Play WWE 2K16: A Gorgeous Rival

So we're back to WWE 2K16 This week, as we complete the month of May, and we run into 'Prince Pretty' himself Tyler Breeze... or rather he runs into me...

But before all that, let me get a few details out of the way... I was experimenting with OBS this time around, to try and have a full 16:9 display, instead of 4:3, and I think the results were... mixed... as the stream quality was down... and my experimenting caused the game to crash on an earlier live stream. So I'm not sure if I'll set it up that way next week or not. If I can get the quality better I will give it another go, otherwise it'll back to the back borders on the side. Or at the very least have a non-Stream version recorded as well. We'll see.

On to what happened in the live stream... first match was with R-Truth, and Tyler Breeze running in... apparently I took the last cupcake or something in catering, it's not explained as to why he ran in, he just did out of the blue. And well... it ended up costing me the match, I had Truth beat a few times, but Breeze kept distracting the ref.

That of course led to a show down with Breeze... and he got a trashing let me tell you what. Cost me a victory? HA! I mangled his face. Victory is mine! And You'd think that would have taught The King of Cuteville a lesson... but nope... what does he do? He jumps me on the stage the next week when I'm about to face Curtis Axel. Being pumped up for a match, wasn't going to take any of Tyler's B.S., and left him laying.

Of course, this is the WWE? Paybacks have to be done... so under the encouragement of the tutorial system, I go after Tyler... and despite hitting him with some big moves... he... well... kicks my butt on the entrance ramp...

So yeah... this begins on a low and ends on a low note..

Anyway the live stream replay is below!

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