Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lets Play WWE 2K16 - The Debute of Frankie 'Big Ham' Franco

With Grandia II being finished this past Sunday, it's off to a new game with WWE 2K16, the PC version that hit Steam on Thursday... and go into 'My Career' mode, creating a wrestler with my 'face'... smudged badly... to create a wrestler named Frankie 'Big Ham' Franco... who moves like Kurt Angle... and comes from no place in particular.

The 'My Career' mode, after you create your character, basically give you a tutorial on some of the control mechanics, in particular the tie-up, the submission and pinfall... plus encourages you to have a lot of variety in the moves you perform over the course of a match... apparently 5-Star matches never have a move done 'twice'... to which I say, B.S. because spamming moves is what is all the rage on the indies... well that and spots done with Juan's Wang... but I digress.

The big deal people would notice is the fact the game plays a bit slowly on my computer... and it's actually similar, as I said, to how 2K15 launched last year, then THQ and Yukes released an optimization patch which resolved the issue. Mainly it's the crowd which are rendered better than the wrestlers.

So what did I accomplish in this broadcast? Well... it's basically the first four weeks, a tutorial match with Enzo Amore, a singles match against Tyler Breeze at the Performance Center, followed by a Tag Match with Baron Corbin against The Vaudevillians... and then the big debut teaming with Corbin against NXT Champion Finn Balor and Funaki... I mean Hideo Itami.

Since Big Ham is 'new', he's obviously not on par with the 'Superstars'... but sadly you can't see it since the stream appeared to have frozen the video... and then resumed after the match was over... go figure... but the creative process and everything before the main event can be seen easily in the replay video below.

Live Stream Replay

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