Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online - Better With Friends

If you look closely you can see a cloaked ship

Welcome back to 'Lets Play Star Trek Onlin'... we are continuing our adventures in the Delta Quadrant with 'Better With Friends'...

As you saw last week, the best chance we have at defeating the Vaadwaur is the build an alliance of all the Delta Quadrant species that doesn't want Captain Janeway's head on a pike, but some need extra convincing... after all, war is much better with friends than enemies right?

This is of course a 5-part system patrol bundle, to introduce new daily grind missions. The good news is that these are fairly quick missions, with one large exception It's probably best to be at the very top of the Delta Quadrant sector map or at the very bottom since 3 of the missions are at the very top of the map, Subcommander Rai's mission is in the middle, and the Kelsid mission is at the very bottom of the sector map.

Even though this isn't the order I played the missions in, for the sake of this break down, lets say you're starting at Kelside and working your way upward

And let's talk about Kelsid mission first... basically, we're responding to a Talaxian distress call, one of their ships broke down and one of their captains insulted the it's a mad dash to set up as many defense satellites as possible to fight off three waves of Vaadwaur ships. I've never gotten all the satellites set up, but they do pack quite a bunch.

After this mission, hail Rai and head to Xiokel system. Rai has a unique idea of capturing a Vaadwaur ship to stage an attack to get the Benthans and the Hazari on good terms. This is a breeze to walk through, as Rai gives you some tactical support when capturing the needed ship, you go off to another system, greet the Benthans and the Hazari, fight off the ship you captured and then sit back and watch our allies tear about a group of Vaadwaur ships that think the alliance won't stand.

Once you're done, head up to the Izad system,save the ship that is under attack and then agree to help the Benthans in luring our and ambushing Vaadwaur ships.

Now we come to the most difficult of these missions, the Zahl system... the Vaadwaur are attacking a Benthan colony world... and your job is to rescue ships trying to run the blockade. There aren't that many Vaadwaur ships... but the problem comes with the fact they have artillery that can and will blow you out of the sky. So having a fast smaller more maneuverable ship is a lot better than having a big bulky cruiser... plus having speed batteries (which I forgot to use) and making frequent use of evasive maneuvers.

The final mission takes place in the Farn system, you respond to a distress call of Borg Cooperative ships, that have been disabled thanks to a solar flare, and Vaadwaur ships are coming in. Make sure you quickly repair the Borg Cube and Sphere ASAP they will join in the fight against the Vaadwaur. On top of that, there are solar flares to contend with, which play havoc with your ship and the Borg vessels. I normally complain about 5-ways of enemies, but with help, it's a breeze.

Factoring in the travel time, this mission all together probably takes about 45 minutes, however my game-play video for this takes an hour, due to where I started (in the middle of the map, working my way up for the Izad, Zhal and Farn systems, then heading down to Xiokel and Kalsid.

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