Monday, March 21, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online - Alliances

With what happened in last week's episode, the Vaadwaur are now an even bigger threat than the Alliance has first thought... and we don't exactly have enough ships from the Alpha Quadrant on the front line to really handle the situation. So the plan is to make alliances with those races in the Delta Quadrant to try and put up a united front against the parasite infested snake-heads.

To say this is a long mission.. is a bit of an understatement... the good news is the travel aspect is cut down, as you warp from one system to another, so it's not like a system patrol bundle, where you have to go to each location via the sector map. However like the system patrols, you do get to choose which order you want to do them in after taking care of your own assignment first, because lets face it, your captain is the most competent.

So, let's do the break down... After meeting with Tuvok and other Voyager alumni on the ship the caused pretty much all the problems we're facing, it's off to the Turei system. Upon arriving, the Science Office (Satra in my case) notices something on sensors, giving you a first sign indicator to be ready for a fight. You meet with the Turei and they are happy with being allied with the Voth... even though they aren't exactly in a rush to come to their aid, or even help secure the Turei's homeworld. The Vaadwaur show up, combat happens, with the Turei Ambassador wondering where the Voth are, and that's where you talk the Turei into becoming allies with you. The key here is to promise ships to defend to Turei home world on a permanent basis.

From here... it's basically player's choice

I recommend replicating 100 Tereform Units first and heading to the Bremark System to help Ensign Kim (Like hell he's a Captain) negotiate with the Kazon... this part of the mission basically is a big reference to the Kazon being obsessed with Voyager and of course revealing what happened to Seska's baby. Seksa for those who may not know, was a Cardassian spy among the Maquis portion of Voyager's crew who went rouge and joined up with the Kazon. Having the 100 Teraform units helps gets some of the Kazon on your side, and makes the battle that takes place here much easier.

Next jump over the Prybyl system to help The Doctor (the hologram not the Time Lord) with the Sontarians... I mean the Hierarchy... basically, you just have to impress them with your ability to launch as many different bridge officer abilities as possible against a super-strong holographic target. Pretty straight forward.

Following this, I say head to the Neles system, where Neelix is trying to recruit the Hazari, but they have some demands. We already have the Benthans on our side, but the Hazari wants some prisoners released, some warrants suspended and the right to pursue bounties in three systems. The Benthans offer a compromise, which the Hazari accept saying if you don't ask for everything you may end up with nothing instead of something. This is primarily a ruse to get a Hazari spy within the Benthans ship, but with only one bit of light combat.

Finally, it's the Russan System to get the Octanti... and if your character is a liberated Borg, you're not exactly going to get a friendly response. See the Octanti hate the Borg, and don't believe the liberated Borg aren't a danger... things don't get better when Seven arrives to warn a recently liberated Borg ship is infected with a virus the Octanti created...but here's the 'pick the obvious' choice, HAIL THE BORG CUBE, doing that lead to the Octani leader seeing that his brother who became a Borg is now free. Damage the Borg cube enough so the virus can be eliminated and the Octanti are on your side.

Man... this ended up being more of a walk through, but because this mission effects things going forward, making sure everything is done right is important. Plus it shows off how awesome your captain is.  

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