Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lets Play Grandia II: Valmar’s Defeat & Epilogue

We did it! Grandia II has be beaten!

Granted as the way last week's broadcast ended and how this one started, certainly wasn't good as I had major difficulties with the rematch with the Tongue of Valmar... and it wasn't until I used Elenea's Droplets of Life that the battle was turned. And truthfully, the Tongue is the toughest of the final fights in game.

Why do I say that? Because I basically walked through the rematches with the Eye and Heart of Valmar with little to no difficulty... and the final boss battle with Zera-Valmar... is rather straight forward if a bit lenghty because of his HP being very much on the high side of the scale. Many consider the final battle to be very underwhelming... and...I kind of half to agree, but at the same time, it's pretty much implied in the game that Zera didn't think he would have to fight himself, under-estimating Ryudo and friends.

That said... the epilogue... is very much a happy ending, Roan's kingdom is thriving, Tio is a nurse, Millenia becomes and teacher, while Elena becomes a touring singing, while Ryudo... goes off to bury the Granasaber on the highest mountain he can find. It's a nice drawn out ending to reward the player for 28 hours of game-play.

Obviously the question: is there a replay factor with this game... and yes there is, the game has a higher difficulty setting, and since this the PC version, there are Steam achievements, I unlocked 29 out of 36, while missing out of a few for night finding certain times and doing a couple of obvious tasks (like switching gear in the middle of a fight). I might go back and do some things to unlock more achievements, but, next week I'll start a new live stream series with a different game.


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