Saturday, March 19, 2016

God Save The Fanbase

A dramatic reading of the lyrics Ellen of ReelSerious wrote regarding reboots and such

I don't know if you will hear me, or if you even care, I don't know if you would listen to a fan(girl/boy)'s prayer. Yes I know I'm really nerdy, I'm just a geek to you, But I know you were a child once. Don't you love your memories too?

God help the fanbase We're missing our past. Feed our nostalgia so happiness lasts. God help my people, we fear what's ahead, God help the fanbase, so long have we pled

(Fans to the movie industry) I ask for love, I ask for skill, I ask for reboots that don't make me ill, I ask for fun. Make me obsessed! I ask for films like my old VHS tapes.

I ask for nothing, I'm doing fine 'Cause loving old stories is truly divine. Please help my fanbase, Make right what is wrong, if not for us then at least for Egon. God help the fanbase just for Egon!

That was written by Ellen, the awesome creative mind behind ReelSerious (Check out her Channel). While it is inspired by the justified outcry towards the Ghostbusters in Name Only Film coming out later this year, It actually goes beyond just that franchise. How many bad reboots have we seen in recent years? From movies Gem and The Holograms to Clash of the Titans to Conan The Barbarian to The Bad News Bears to The A-Team To Planet Of The Apes to The Pink Panther.

Now don't get me wrong, reboots can work, we've seen them work mainly if its something that can be made to go in a whole new direction that isn't tarnishing the original in anyway. Hell there have been some great reboots, Dredd, Superman Returns, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Sum of All Fears are all examples of this, and what made them work is there was genuine effort put into them.

Ellen's original video can be viewed below

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