Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First Impressions: Jesus Christ RPG

Let me say right off the bat that I'm not the most religious person out there... and that I've seen a lot of off the wall video game concepts... from things like the Binding of Issac to Conker's Bad Fur Day, from Shaq Fu to Grand Theft Auto, from NCIS to Lego Batman... like comic books, if you can imagine something, it can be done in the realm of games being created...

Which brings me... 'Jesus Christ RPG'...

Developed and Published by Wholeton Games, and released for Free on Steam just in time for Easter here in 2016... 'Jesus Christ RPG' is perhaps the most surreal concept I've ever seen...

In short... it's Pokemon mixed with elements The Bible... okay that's silly... more like Final Fantasy meets The Bible.

Yeah that is as surreal as it sounds... as you level up 'Our Savior' he learns how to do his miracles (turn water to wine, heal the sick, etc, etc).... and you battle 'demons' while finding your apostles... and also recruiting your part (consisting of Simon Peter, Mary Magdalene and Judus who joins you no matter if you like it or not)

The game is done on a turn base system, much like many other RPGs, you input your commands when it's your turn, there is some thinking involved to realize how to use everyone's abilities.

Controls are simple, you use the keyboard.... the arrow keys to navigate, enter to select menu options, the ESC key to bring up your inventory, save, status screens... and space bar to interact with objects and people.

However it's the surreal nature of the game that makes it worth playing, there is an actual in-joke about the language (namely that they didn't speak English back in Biblical times), and Mary being apparently an overly common name.

Since the game is free is worth checking out.

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