Friday, March 25, 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Reaction

SPOILER WARNING: I'm giving my thoughts on Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and there are a number of spoilers here... you have been warned!

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Now as you can tell by the name of this video, and if you follow me on Twitter @FredCasden, you know that I went and saw Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice today. Saw it IMAX 3D, so you know which version of the film I'm basing my commentary on,

Anyway, onto the film itself... you know all those negative reviews it got? They were in fact justified, from way to much CGI... to just cramming together story lines that really should have nothing to do with one another... to Henry Cavill's horrible the outright attack on the character concept of Superman.

But I'll get to that cause I got a lot to say... so lets to the positives... and the one huge positive this film had that actually got a reaction from the audience I saw it with... Wonder Woman, in her full costume, arriving to throw down with Doomsday. The audience I was with was deathly quiet, but when the Amazon from Themyscira showed up, the theater erupted with cheers, and this was topped when she was using the golden lasso to restrain the monster and when she cut off one of his hands. Gal Gadot just owned the part, To say she saved this movie is an understatement.In fact when I left the theater, everyone was talking about her.

Also a positive, Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman... finally we got a decent Batman again, I thought his performance was strong, and far exceeding the material that was given to him. He has great chemistry with Jeremy irons who played Alfred, who had a few chuckle worthy lines.

Another positive, Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luthor... actually not quite a positive, more of... eh that was different... in that his portrayal of Lex was more 'Joker-esq' from Batman The Animated Series than what one would expect from the character. Amy Adams was much more enjoyable here than she was in Man of Steel as Lois Lane, though there was a lot of leaps of illogical involving the character. Also, loved how Aquaman looked and the glimpse at the origin of Cyborg.

The pacing was on right... but it is an incredibly dull movie for the first hour and half.

Now... onto the negatives... gonna start small... Ezra Miller as The Flash... no... just... just no... the look we got of his costume and how he looks in general just says...No... No... No... Grant Gustin is the Flash, case closed.

The CGI... oh boy the CGI... if I watched this in the non-3D version, I probably wouldn't be mentioning it.... but with the 3D... it's really shows how bad it is when things don't even look solid... and the biggest example of this is actually the battle with Doomsday, where it looks more like a cartoon.

The musical score was so heavy on the drums that people around me where covering their ears, not to mention the score itself was a bit bland.

Then there are the story lines being crammed together: We got Lex Luthor playing a long game of pitting Batman vs Superman... with no real goal established of what his end game is, hell it the movie is relying on folks already knowing the dynamic between Lex-Lois & Superman... then there is of course Doomsday himself and the Death of Superman, which for all intents and purposes should be its own movie, and feels just tacked on to try and give Lex that sinister edge, to say he 'won' despite ending up in prison... and to set up the 'resurrection of Superman'

And then there is the third story line...well not so much of a story-line but more of a reoccurring theme... the endless attacks on Superman as a concept and as a character... from a very liberal point of view, says that he's 'Jesus'... that 'we are throwing out image' on to him... along with the constant digs that 'this is 1938 anymore' and things like Truth... Justice... The American Way... don't work like that anymore.

To which I say to director Zack Snyder, writers Chris Terrio & David S. Goyer... screw you.

And that this is my biggest problem with the Batman V Superman... while it portrays Batman in a negative light, it's no where NEAR how Superman gets torn down... from noted left wing nut-jobs (like Anderson Cooper and Nancy Grace) tearing down a character the for the majority of 78 years has been a symbol of what everyone should strive to be.... a good person who has core values who tries to do the right thing. That is Superman... that is the character concept... that is what they got RIGHT with the first Superman movie in 1978 and what they sure as HELL got wrong here.

So what's the call here... well there's enough good concepts here, that for me, holds my interest for things Like the Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg films... and since in a way certain aspects of the movie played out like an infomercial for 'what's coming', then it did its job in peaking my interest for those things... but by and large, I hope that the creative team involved with those projects are not in any way the same morons involved with this movie.

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