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Batman Isn't For Kids? SINCE WHEN?! - Nostalgia Trip

I seem to recall Batman being aimed at kids...

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Let me first thank Lego Batman V Andrew (@Truly_Defective) for inspiring this

There is a issue among the more insane comic book fans out that out there that say, 'Batman was never meant for Kids'... to which I say the following...


In 1939, when Batman was created because Superhero were popular with the kids...  that is an out right FACT... and over the past 77 years... Batman has always been aimed at kids... from cartoons to toys to underwear to lunch boxes to coloring books to video games... the Caped Crusader has been apart of many children's childhoods. Hell the introduction of Robin less than a year later in 1940 was done with the SOLE PURPOSE of Batman appealing to kids.

Then came Frank Miller and the 'Dark Knight Returns'... now don't misunderstand me, among the large amounts of garbage Miller has wrote, The Dark Knight Returns is a entertaining elseworlds story... but it somehow warped the perception of Batman in that 'he isn't for kids', which has been further 'pushed' thanks to the  Christopher Nolan Batman films.

Now there isn't anything wrong with a dark and gritty Batman, but there is a right way to do it... and guess what... if you're over 25 years old you... you've seen the perfect way to of how to portray Batman for both kids and adults

Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures

That's right... the Emmy Award Winning, animated series that ran from 1992 to 1995 on FOX, and it's one season sequel series from 1997 on the WB. Nearly every episode saw Batman actually being Batman and living up the nickname of 'The World's Greatest Detective' while at the same time creating a fairly dark atmosphere that showed how dangerous many of the villains were and how with a slight change of circumstances, they could've won. The show treated everything seriously, but it wasn't so serious that it would alienate or insult its audience.

And keep in mind, that this show had some dark scenes... from the origin of Two-Face that saw Harvey Dent having a psychological trauma that saw his mind snap when an explosion tore up half his body (and this was shown ON SCREEN) to the origin of Mr. Freeze that re-wrote the book on how that character has been portrayed in all Batman related media... to implied and actual murder, abuse within a relationship (such as when The Joker's treatment of Harley Quinn), kidnapping, blackmail, terrorism (Poison Ivy's entire MO is eco-terroism) .... but this was a cartoon, airing weekdays for kids and those who were apart of the creative team went all out to give the best version of Batman there has ever been.

It was good enough for both and adults and children, and it's legacy carried over to the Superman Animate Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans, Young Justice... we continue to see its influence with shows Arrow, Flash, Gotham and Supergirl, that are popular with both kids and adults.

And it's why I say those say 'Batman Isn't For Kids' can kiss my ass.

Now if you want evidence of which episodes of Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures I say best represents what Batman should be I will give you a list.

"Nothing to Fear"

"The Underdwellers"


"Two-Face" Parts 1 & 2

"Heart Of Ice"

"Beware The Grey Ghost"

"Feat of Clay" Parts 1 & 2

"Dreams in Darkness"

"Almost Got 'Em"

"The Man Who Killed Batman"

"Harley and Ivy"

"Shadow Of The Bat" parts 1 & 2

"Harley's Holiday"

"Over the Edge"

"Girl's Night Out"

"Mad Love"

"Judgment Day"

YouTube Version
There are a couple of slight differences with the Vlog Version, since I tend to go stream of consciousness... but the spirit of what I'm getting at is the same...

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