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Excited for Camden Comic Con!

Hello and Welcome to the Basement...

You know I don't get excited for many things... however I am excited that I'll finally be able to check out Camden Comic Con next Saturday April 9

The C3 as it was dubbed by Geekadephia, is put on by the find folks at Rutgers University-Camden, and will be held this year at the University's Athletics & Fitness Center and is 100% free and open to the public.

Sure there will be vendors there, for those looking to buy and pick up stuff... it is a convention after all... but the C3 doesn't have all the other hassle, hustle and bustle that is associated with say Wizard World that will be in Philadelphia June 2 to June 5.

What do I mean? Well...the location for the C3 is easy for anyone remotely familiar with NJ Transit bus lines to, as you're heading to the Walter Rand Transportation Center and walking the short distances over to Rutgers. If you're in Atlantic City, and don't drive, you hope on a bus to Camden.


Top Gear What Was The Beginning Of The End

Hello and welcome to the Basement,

First let me give a shout out to the staff at Cooper Hospital in downtown Camden for taking care of my mom. You guys and gals rock. Mom, we'll see you at home very soon.

Now... As I was re-watching the Top Gear Patagonia Special and it occurred to me that we have passed the one year mark of Jeremy Clarkson being fired from Top Gear, and subsequently seeing the resigning of James May and Richard Hammond as presenters of the world's most watched motoring show.

And I still honestly think it was the wrong decision... sure he punched someone in a moment of rage, but that has happened to the best of us at one time or another. But I can't help but look back at the Patagonia Special as being the beginning of the end for Top Gear as we has come to know it... thanks in part to people seeing malice in something that was pure coincidence.

For those of you who may not know... the trio of Hammond, May and Clarkson were paying tribute to the V8-Engine…

Batman Isn't For Kids? SINCE WHEN?! - Nostalgia Trip

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Basement...And this is our weekly Nostalgia Trip...

Let me first thank Lego Batman V Andrew (@Truly_Defective) for inspiring this

There is a issue among the more insane comic book fans out that out there that say, 'Batman was never meant for Kids'... to which I say the following...


In 1939, when Batman was created because Superhero were popular with the kids...  that is an out right FACT... and over the past 77 years... Batman has always been aimed at kids... from cartoons to toys to underwear to lunch boxes to coloring books to video games... the Caped Crusader has been apart of many children's childhoods. Hell the introduction of Robin less than a year later in 1940 was done with the SOLE PURPOSE of Batman appealing to kids.

Then came Frank Miller and the 'Dark Knight Returns'... now don't misunderstand me, among the large amounts of garbage Miller has wrote, The Dark Knight Returns is a entertaining elseworld…

Blue-Skying: Linkara At His Best

Hello and welcome to the Basement...

Let me admit right off the bat, that I never paid much much mind to the Blue Beetle prior to this month. I was aware of the character, but never thought much of him.That has obviously changed

It's no secret I'm a big fan of Linkara, aka Lewis Lovhaug, and what he does over at Atop The Fourth Wall. I've stated multiple times that it's his show is the reason why I got serious about my online presence. Is he the best content producer out there on the web... I don't think it matters, particular when for the past four weeks, he was doing a massive retrospective on the Blue Beetle, from the character's origin as Dan Garret  way back in 1939 with Fox Comics all the way up  Jamie Reyes with DC comics and the New 52... plus the Convergence event series from last year.

Normally Linkara does a MS3K style review of 'bad' comics on a weekly basis, but this was something different. Okay not that different, he did so…

Predictions: WrestleMania 32, NXT Take Over Dallas

YouTube Version

Blog Version Hello and Welcome to The Basement...

And since according to YouTube my second largest audience is in Germany... Guten Tag und herzlich willkommen in den Keller

With WrestleMania being this Sunday, live on the WWE Network and even on some traditional pay-per-view methods...I'd figured I'd give my thoughts and predictions on the matches

Roman Reigns defeats Triple H for the WWE Title... and I'm going to guess the WWE is going to try and salvage this by doing a double turn, Roman Reigns turning heel cause he doesn't have the ability to even get part of the crowd on his side. Triple H can look valiant in defeat while taking the ass kicking he deserves for being associated with Lemmy. And speaking of Triple H, here's a drinking game, go watch his promo from the March 28, 2016 episode of RAW, and take a shot each time he says obsessed or obsession

A Quebeccer will win the Ladder match, there's guys from Quebec in this match, and frankly,…

TMNT - Trans-Dimensional Turtles - Reaction

Hello and Welcome to the Basement...

Yesterday on Nickelodeon, the long awaited episode  'Trans-Dimensional Turtles' premiered... and let me tell it, it does right everything that 'Turtles Forever' did wrong.

Of course, let's get the plot out of the way, The current version of the Turtles are transported to the dimension of the 1987 Turtles where they team up to stop Krang who intends to wipe out all of reality.

And while the plot is 'similar' to Turtles Forever... in fact, it's the same plot right down to the 'take out the original B&W Mirage Studios version of the Turtles' bit... this felt more of a celebration of Turtles franchise because it wasn't treating everything associated with the 87 Turtles like complete jokes the way Turtles Forever did.

So lets get to the positives here... for one, this was the second time to my knowledge the 87 Turtles appeared in the current cartoon, the other being "Wormquake!" to which this ep…

Lets Play Star Trek Online - Better With Friends

Welcome back to 'Lets Play Star Trek Onlin'... we are continuing our adventures in the Delta Quadrant with 'Better With Friends'...

As you saw last week, the best chance we have at defeating the Vaadwaur is the build an alliance of all the Delta Quadrant species that doesn't want Captain Janeway's head on a pike, but some need extra convincing... after all, war is much better with friends than enemies right?

This is of course a 5-part system patrol bundle, to introduce new daily grind missions. The good news is that these are fairly quick missions, with one large exception It's probably best to be at the very top of the Delta Quadrant sector map or at the very bottom since 3 of the missions are at the very top of the map, Subcommander Rai's mission is in the middle, and the Kelsid mission is at the very bottom of the sector map.

Even though this isn't the order I played the missions in, for the sake of this break down, lets say you're starti…

Daredevil'ish Thoughts Omnibus

 Yes, I've combined by two original Dardevil'ish Thoughts into one, mainly because it's interesting to see how my mood soured.

Part 1 - Orignally published March 21, 2016
Hello and welcome to The Basement...

While many have binged watch all 13 episodes of Daredevil Season 2, I am going at a much slower pace... as the time this video, and it's corresponding blog , was produced after viewing episode 6 of this season, meaning I have seven episodes to go. I will keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Right off the bat, let me say the lighting is still absurdly bad to the point I have to watch the show with the lights on, just to see any damn thing when it's set at night or in a dark location. And I've watch it on my phone, TV and PC, and basically it's a poorly lit show. That's my major complaint, it carries over from last season, but let's hit do the run down of the things that are obviously talking points for the first six episodes

Frank Castle,…

Star Trek #45 (1989 Series) - Comics From The Basment

Hello and Welcome to Comics From The Basement

For the past week or so you saw this, Star Trek #45 sitting in the background... and guess what today I'm reviewing it, but of course I have to get some history our of the way.

On January 12, 1967... The Star Trek episode the Squire of Gothos premiered, debuting Trelane, a powerful alien being that has the ability to create seemingly anything and have total control over his environment... but in reality was a boy, a child within his race of super beings... and one would think this would've been brought up more times in the show, a reoccurring antagonist that the crew has to out-wit?

Well no.... actually... in fact Trelane is never referenced to again in any Star Trek episode, despite being for all intents and purposes being considered fore-bearer for Q in the Next Generation. Then again the Next Generation only made ONE reference to the Original Series, that being in The Naked Now, which borrowed quite loosely the plot from The…

Lets Play WWE 2K16 - My Career Hits NXT Arrival

So we're back to WWE 2K16... and yeah... not exactly a live stream this week... mainly because of the quality issues that plague it last Saturday as well as another stream session earlier this week to try and resolve those said issues. However I liked the layout I had for the live stream, being able to present in at 16:9 format without wasted space, so I went with just recording it straight away, which lead to another problem with an echo effect.

I will attempt to resolve that by next Saturday...

However with all these tech issues... including the bad streaming session from a couple of days ago, there is obviously some 'missed' content here. Basically I've been in a feud with Tyler Breeze, he ambushed me, we had some brawls... plus ended up having some matches on Superstars (The WWE's preliminary program that airs on the WWE Network on Fridays). Nothing really to write home about.

So let's get into what is in this weeks game play video... namely it's th…

Tales From The TARDIS - Five Hundred Eyes

Hello and Welcome to The Basement and Tales From The TARDIS, where I go through each and every single episode of classic Doctor Who on an weekly basis.

For those of you who may not know, we are currently up to part 3 of the Marco Polo serial... but wait... how can I be going over something that doesn't exist? Well I happen to have the reconstructed version of the serial that was produced by Loose Cannon Productions. So it is possible my friends!

So let's get right to this week's episode, Five Hundred Eyes!

The situation is dire, as the water supply is completely exhausted, and our heroes only survive because of SCIENCE! Okay, actually because The Doctor and Susan manage to collect water off of the TARDIS walls because of condensation. That's actually pretty imaginative thinking, and I don't think that solution has appeared in fiction since then. If I'm wrong about that, please tell me in the comments section below.

The group makes there way to Tun-Huang, w…

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Reaction

SPOILER WARNING: I'm giving my thoughts on Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and there are a number of spoilers here... you have been warned!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Basement...

Let me say that everything seen on this channel and on my blog is my opinion. I am entitled to it and I'm choosing to share it with you all, and I encourage you all to do the same.

Now as you can tell by the name of this video, and if you follow me on Twitter @FredCasden, you know that I went and saw Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice today. Saw it IMAX 3D, so you know which version of the film I'm basing my commentary on,

Anyway, onto the film itself... you know all those negative reviews it got? They were in fact justified, from way to much CGI... to just cramming together story lines that really should have nothing to do with one another... to Henry Cavill's horrible the outright attack on the character concept of Superman.

But I'll get to that cause I go…

This Week With The Superheroes: March 25, 2016

Hello and Welcome to the Basment, and its time for This Week With The Superheroes, my weekly blog and vlog on things that in some cases goes beyond the realm of Superheroes.

As noted in the opening, Garry Shandling passed away yesterday at the age of 66. I will admit that know him best from re-runs of It's Garry Shandling's Show and occasionally seeing The Larry Sanders Show during its run on HBO in its fourth and final season, and the influence of that show is certainly seen in things like Entourage, 30 Rock, Extras and Curb Your Enthusiasm, that show a 'parody' of certain aspects of show biz. Based on that, it's clear he had a lasting impact.

So let's jump right in and do the NEWS

Zack Synder & Henry Cavill are whining about the reviews for Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice... saying 'the reviews' don't matter... well if it didn't matter, they wouldn't make comments about 'all the maters is the people who pay to see the movie&…

Daredevil'ish Thoughts Part 2

This is covered episodes 7 to 13 of Daredevil season two on Netflix, as well as the season as a whole.

Hello and Welcome to the Basement... and part 2 of Daredevil'ish Thoughts covering the second half of the season... and I'll try to keep this spoiler free but as you saw or read, that will be damn near impossible.

And I'm not really sure what the make of what we saw (or didn't see as my same complaint about the poor lighting still stands)... and I'm not fully sure where to begin to try and make sense of this. Actually the best starting point will have to be with where the main focus was for the first chunk of the season.

Frank Castle... aka The Punisher... we get his trial.... and the subsequent implosion of Nelson & Murdock... and it's treat all as a subplot thanks to the Elektra story line, and I have to say... that's real damn shame. I get that the things that went down with Elektra, The Hand and so-forth are all apart of the Daredevil mythos... …

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1 - Nostalgia Trip

This week's Nostalgia Trip: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1, for the YouTube version, scroll down <('-'<) (>'-')>

Back in 1997, the first prominent reboot occurred for a lot of folks... that being of Buffy The Vampire Slayer... changing it from the comedy about a valley girl facing Vampires that made the film a cult favorite... to a dark, semi-whining show about a valley girl facing Vampires and other evils that made the TV show a cult favorite...

The show hold a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes... and that's why has me thinking, particularly since the show will be having its 20th Anniversary next year, wondering if the first season of the show actually holds up. So over the course of the last few weeks I've gone back and re-watched the first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer that aired in early 1997.

Right off the bat with episode 1, 'Welcome to the Helmouth' the Status quo is established of Buffy coming to her new school after '…

First Impressions: Jesus Christ RPG

Let me say right off the bat that I'm not the most religious person out there... and that I've seen a lot of off the wall video game concepts... from things like the Binding of Issac to Conker's Bad Fur Day, from Shaq Fu to Grand Theft Auto, from NCIS to Lego Batman... like comic books, if you can imagine something, it can be done in the realm of games being created...

Which brings me... 'Jesus Christ RPG'...

Developed and Published by Wholeton Games, and released for Free on Steam just in time for Easter here in 2016... 'Jesus Christ RPG' is perhaps the most surreal concept I've ever seen...

In short... it's Pokemon mixed with elements The Bible... okay that's silly... more like Final Fantasy meets The Bible.

Yeah that is as surreal as it sounds... as you level up 'Our Savior' he learns how to do his miracles (turn water to wine, heal the sick, etc, etc).... and you battle 'demons' while finding your apostles... and also rec…


Alright... those that know me personally know that I hate talking about anything serious... hell just look at my YouTube channel, my blog postings... or if you know where too look the fan fiction I have written and co-written over the course of the past 12 years... I'm not exactly the most serious person out there... hell I was actually preparing to do something regarding Buffy The Vampire Slayer for tomorrow when I just happened to look at the news... so I have to be serious

Earlier today...Brussels, the capital of Belgium was the victim of a terrorist attack that has seen 30 people killed and over 200 injured... and ISIS is taking credit for it...

To say this sickens me is an understatement... it pisses me right the hell of that people like ISIS exist... . And I have to ask: Why? What's the damn point? You want people to live in fear of you? You want people to hate you and to continue a cycle of death and destruction that has been going on for way too damn long? What the …

The Warriors - Basement Matinee

This week's movie... The Warriors...

There are some movies... that when you hear about them, they sound awesome and makes you want to see them... then there are ones when you hear about them... they forever remain on the 'eh I'll see it later' list

For example the plot of this week's film... The Warriors...

Just going by how the plot is listed on IMDB... In 1979 a charismatic leader summons the street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down to kill them.

Doesn't really sound all that interesting does it? Well for me, it certainly wasn't a priority on my 'must watch' list... sure I knew about the the phrase 'Warriors Come Out And Plaaa-ay' bit, it was engraved in pop culture... and the 'Can you dig it, Sucka' basically kept pro-wrestler Booker T popular and made him a Hall of Famer.

Also this f…

Lets Play Star Trek Online - Alliances

With what happened in last week's episode, the Vaadwaur are now an even bigger threat than the Alliance has first thought... and we don't exactly have enough ships from the Alpha Quadrant on the front line to really handle the situation. So the plan is to make alliances with those races in the Delta Quadrant to try and put up a united front against the parasite infested snake-heads.

To say this is a long mission.. is a bit of an understatement... the good news is the travel aspect is cut down, as you warp from one system to another, so it's not like a system patrol bundle, where you have to go to each location via the sector map. However like the system patrols, you do get to choose which order you want to do them in after taking care of your own assignment first, because lets face it, your captain is the most competent.

So, let's do the break down... After meeting with Tuvok and other Voyager alumni on the ship the caused pretty much all the problems we're fac…

Daredevil'ish Thoughts - Part 1

Thoughts Regarding Daredevil Season 2 Episodes 1 to 6

Hello and welcome to The Basement...

While many have binged watch all 13 episodes of Daredevil Season 2, I am going at a much slower pace... as the time this video, and it's corresponding blog , was produced after viewing episode 6 of this season, meaning I have seven episodes to go. I will keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Right off the bat, let me say the lighting is still absurdly bad to the point I have to watch the show with the lights on, just to see any damn thing when it's set at night or in a dark location. And I've watch it on my phone, TV and PC, and basically it's a poorly lit show. That's my major complaint, it carries over from last season, but let's hit do the run down of the things that are obviously talking points for the first six episodes

Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, is a one man army, gunning down gangs, punishing them for what they did to him and his family... and it appear…

JLA Titans - Comics From The Basement:

This week's review... the 'JLA Titans' Mini Series... AKA The Technis Imperative

Hello and welcome to Comics From The Basement... and I'm breaking one of my own rules...

I am a fan of Atop The Fourth Wall... hell the reason I got serious about my YouTube channel is because of that web show.... and while as I figuring things out, one thing I told myself was that I would go out of my way to AVOID going over comics Linkara did...

However... we're in March... and I was re-watching Linkara's March of The Titans specials from 2013... and where he explain why this particular story is his favorite, the one that got him into comics, the one that for all intents and purposes is the standard for which he judges other comics.

That being JLA Titans: The Technis Imperative

Now for those of you who may not know... this mini-series (cause I have the individual issues because I wasn't going to pay $25 for the trade collection), is considered by many to be the crowning a…