Saturday, February 13, 2016

This Week With The SuperHeroes: Feb 12, 2016

Topics On this Week's Program:

Plans to see Deadpool this weekend on Sunday... wait a minute that's Valentines Day... it's 2016...

Next 3 Transformers films getting annual release dates

The new Top Gear cast

Going Over This Episodes of the X-Files, Supergirl, The Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow.

Episode Ratings. X-Files: Home Again: 2 out of 5 - basically a remake of an episode from season 2

Supergirl: For the Girl Who Has Everything: 3 out of 5 - tired plot, has some humorous moments, decent overall

The Flash: Welcome to Earth 1 out of 5, Wasted opportunity, characters made to look like idiots, only saving grace was Jay Garrick's return of speed.

Agent Carter: The Atomic Job - 3 out of 5, fairly dull, but costumes, set designs make up for it, really unfair to compare it to other Superhero shows

Arrow: Sins of the Father - 2 out of 5: convoluted plot points, secondary plot on the Island unneeded beyond indicating magic will be a big part of the season finale

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: White Knights - 3 out of 5, in a way a step back, character interaction is a strong point, return of bickering among some characters for sake of plot disappointing.

Additional Thoughts: Yeah... I am really pissed about how bad this week's episode of The Flash was... and if there is one thing I hate, it's characters having to become idiots for the sake of the plot. Really was a slow news week, for other topics, so I had to go for the Top Gear cast, and reference Ghostbusters 2.

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