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Tales From The TARDIS - Edge of Destruction

This week we go over part one of 'The Edge of Destruction'


Hello and Welcome to the Basement and welcome to Tales From The TARDIS To recap, The Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara have helped the Thals defeat the Daleks for good (only to be retconned thanks to the Daleks popularity), and have left Skaro,.. so what happened next? That's what we're going over this week, in part one of Edge of Destruction entitled, The Edge of Destruction

The Doctor attempts to correct some circuitry but it causes an explosions and everyone is knocked out, Barbara is the first to recover, she awakens Ian and Susan, who has a bout of amnesia, but the Doctor is out with a wound on his head. Susan, seeing her grandfather hurt, tends to him but also becomes convinced that the TARDIS is under control of an alien presence (would not be the last time that happens!)

What seemingly validates Susan's fears, is that The TARDIS itself starts to act strangely, with the doors opening and then closing whenever someone approaches them, and when Susan attempts to operate the door controls on the console, she gets an electric shock. The Doctor finally recovers, and Barbara tends to him, while Ian takes Susan to her room, and in one of my favorite out of character moments, Susan tries to stab him with a pair of scissors. Guess no one takes Susan to bed without her say so! Later on, as Susan is resting, The Doctor Barbara and Ian discuss the situation, and in the manner of The Thing of Another World, there is a lot of paranoia and suspicion to understand what occurred. Barbara goes to check on Susan, who tries to stab her with a pair of scissors as well... again, awesome out of character moment.

Meanwhile, The Doctor with Ian's help (or lack there of), is trying to figure out where they are, and only find images of earlier trips made in the TARDIS, with a series of images 'A picture of a planet, then a solar system and then an explosion. Oh and Susan is now convince that an alien force not only has entered the TARDIS but now one of the people on board is in it's control. It's the THING! And I'm not kidding, The Doctor and Susan accuse Ian and Barbara of sabotaging the TARDIS to get back to England in 1963, which leads to Barbara being pissed as all hell, reminding them of what happened on Skaro and with the Cave People, and as she goes on her tirade, she notices the clock that is in the console room has melted, and not just it, but their watches and other time pieces on board as well.

Out of the Blue the Doctor excuses himself and returns with a tray of drinks, as a peace offering to 'cool' the situation and to help everyone get to sleep. Once Barbara, Susan are gone, The Doctor examines the console, but as he does a pair of hands grab him by the throat... and our episode ends here on that cliffhanger.

And while I mentioned it in the my recap, this is the Doctor Who first take of 'The Thing', and if anyone is acting out of character it's Susan. There is something great about a paranoia based story that is truly terrifying (as I mentioned in Basement Matinee earlier this week), because it's the unknown that scares everyone. That said, this episode certainly had a bit of awkwardness towards the end... namely that while a pair of hands grabbing the Doctor by the throat is solid cliff hanger in its own right... but its set up with the Doctor getting a night cap for everyone was clunky. I think seeing the time pieces, clocks and watches melting would've been more effective.

Anyway, that's all for this week's Tale From The TARDIS, next week will be going over part two of The Edge of Destruction... The Brink of Disaster!

Additional Footage From Doctor Who The Edge of Destruction BBC, 1964

Additional Music From Doctor Who Theme Ron Granier RCA, 1980

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