Monday, February 15, 2016

Superman: At Earth's End - Comics From The Basement

This week I relaunch my comic book series, and I'm going to do it as an actual REVIEW, no more page by page summaries.... and we're starting off with Superman: At Earth's End!

Elseworlds: Elseworld takes a well-known character and plonks them into a potentially wildly different location and situation. This can add some freshness to a character which allows them to act a different way than normal canon might allow. DC Comics literally calls this 'elseworld', while Marvel tends to go with 'What if...'

Plot: The Earth has suffered an apocalypse, and Superman's trying to save Gotham City! But, is there anything worth saving?

Writer: Tom Veitch - Best known for being the writer being Star Wars resurgence with Star Wars: Dark Empire with Dark Horse Comics.

Artist: Frank Gomez, not much known on hi,. but has done a lot of work with DC

Positives of the comic: Superman battles Twin Clones of Hitler, the infamous 'Superman' I AM A MAN meme was born here

Negatives of the comic: Despite spending a year in the Sun, Superman rapidly loses his powers (granted this may be do to age), Superman looks like Santa Claus on Steroids, Superman uses a gun and this comic has the gaul to end with an 'anti-gun' message despite the fact the solution to the problem at hand was to use a gun. Superman gushing over Bruce Wayne

Oddness: Somehow this comic ties itself to World War II, suggesting that the battle against the Nazis forced the arms race, which caused the near destruction of man-kind within the comic's version of history.

Recommendation: Despite being a horrible comic, it's worth having in ones collection if acquired at less than the original market retail price.

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