Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: With Friends Like These...

The Federation Starship, the U.S.S. Voyager, stirred this area of space Their experiences here helped to embolden many, and the species in the Delta Quadrant have taken more efforts to travel across this part of space. Unfortunately many of them have not found common ground among one another.

We need to see this region stabilized, or threats like the Iconians or the Undine will march through the Sphere gateways and into the Alpha Quadrant. Your task is to survey where the political winds are blowing. The more knowledge we have, the better able we will be to react to the situation out here.
So this is another 'explore the quadrant' series of missions, basically to introduce new daily missions for players to do to obtain marks for the Delta Reputation system. There isn't much new added to the ongoing story against the Vaadwaur... actually I take that back, the 'fifth' mission, entitled 'Reconnaissance' does but I'll get to that in a bit

Like some other recent STO gameplays I've done, this mission does take us to different systems, and there is a bit of a 'story' arc, one we see that the Borg Cooperative aren't exactly a welcomed presence by the Jurran, a race who was practically wiped out by the Borg Collective. A Ferengi Damon named Qwen has made some bad deals which makes him public enemy #1 on a number of people's lists, the Benthans are all about the LAW... who do they think they are? Judge Dredd?

But as I said it's the fifth mission here that is the most important, where we meet Subcommander Rai Sahen... who does a really bad job in creating a distraction while my ship tries to access some satellites.

And I should mention my new ship... yes it's one of the new Romulan Flag Ships that was released earlier this month... In particular the Shamshir Class vessle, which has the strongest engineering focus... however... one would wish the bridge officer layout would've had a COMMANDER seat for a Engineering Bridge officer as oppose to a tactical one... but it is what it is. I do have to the full set of consoles... and as you see in the game play video below, I have yet to really figure out what everything does... but I will eventually... I promise.

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