Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online Janeway's Enemies In All The Usual Places

Granted I do this at the start of the video... but I apologize for this being about an hour long, I kind of got duped thinking there were only three systems to visit in the mission called 'Enemies In All The Usual Places', but then was reminded that there was a fourth. Now I could've split the video into two parts, but I like keeping everything together as much as possible.

Post Mission Thoughts: As you probably saw, I certainly got annoyed with the excessive space combat, and I wish I knew what Cryptic (the Developers of the Game) was thinking of grouping that many combat missions in a row. To put it in perspective, the video is basically an hour long without the travel time, and would've been even longer if I didn't side with one set of APUs in the 3rd mission.

Still there is the comedy of my annoyance with these missions to enjoy if you make it through the entire video. And also there is this... this mission was basically ALL ABOUT more enemies Janeway made.