Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lets Play Grandia II: The Testing Of Ryudo's Soul

So after a delay thanks to me choosing to see Deadpool last Sunday, we're back in the next installment of my Grandia II play-through, and yes, this was actually streamed LIVE on YouTube (The replay is posted down below if you want to see it!).
Now where do I even begin... well, how about with me trying to remember where to go in the 'Birthplace of the God'. Yes there is the arrow pointing me in the right direction, but still for most of the game I was going off of memory from when I first played this on the Playstation 2 over 15 years ago. That said, my style of playing the game certainly payed off as everyone is now at level 50 (except Mareg and Millenia cause they are, you know... dead...) and only one battle gave me fits (thanks in part to my own stupidity Tio got knocked down to the red).
The 'true' backstory for Valmar and Granas was certainly epic, but something about it bugs me... and it's mainly the previous civilization deal being more advanced than the current one within the game... then again, Grandia II is basically in a post-apocalyptic world, so it makes sense in a way.
And of course... I have to address this... my own confusion and worry that I actually picked the wrong choices when Ryudo's soul is being tested... yeah I was actually thinking I screwed up something royal. It's actually a great fake out moment within the game, making the player think they really fouled up. But in the end, it all sets up the big dramatic moment that leads to him, Elena, Roan and Tio flying from the 'Birthplace of the Gods' into Valmar via not a certain body cavity. ..


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