Saturday, February 27, 2016

First Impressions: Fuller House

New Vlog N Blog... Like many I binged watched all 13 episodes of Fuller House... and so here are my thoughts on it... note this was recorded just before 4 in the AM

Abbreviated Blog Version

So... its... approaching 4 AM in the morning after binge watching all 13 episodes of Fuller House... and I have to say, I'm one of those who love this series. It started off with a great nostalgia look of Full House... and while the show being on Netflix, and got a little bit edgier than the original show, they kept the same family friendly vibe that made the original show beloved.

First off... the cast have great chemistry, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin (Who alone justifies the nickname Fuller Blouse) and Andrea Barber worked great off each other as kids when they played DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy, and that chemistry was still there, and the kid actors certainly held up their end of the bargain. Then there is the supporting cast, Juan Pablo Di Pace as Fernando (Kimmy's ex husband with a rather pronounced accent) , John Brotherton as Matt, and Scott Weinger returning as Steve (DJ's High School sweet-heart, competing with Matt for DJ in a Bachelorette styled storyline) certainly fit in perfectly with the style of the show.

Then there's of course John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and Lori Loughlin as guest stars spread out over the 13 episodes, they weren't a presence in every episode, and when they were there, they didn't over-shadow the full time cast. That was reserved for Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants who is a well known odd-ball in the Major Leagues... which makes me wonder if they actually scripted anything for him.

Now the show has some minor faults, and that's trying to cram in so much into each episode which lead to rather uneven running times (anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes), but is it really a fault for them trying? I don't think so. Hell some of the best moments came out of left field, namely dance sequences.... and a wrestling theme episode that seemed to bury the stupidity of Lucha Underground.

And speaking of burying... or getting 'shade'... Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen certainly got jokingly burned a few times as part of a barrage of break the fourth wall jokes that extended to Alanis Morrest's song about Dave Coulier and Candace Cameron Burr being on The View, plus in-universe jokes and references (Jesse and Becky having a candle lit dinner with McDonalds food,

Also in this shows favor was something that wasn't really prominent in Full House 20 plus years ago was an on-going story arc that extended over a full season, unlike here. There's DJ getting back out there dating after husband passed away and having two guys wanting her, Fernando doing everything possible to win Kimmy back, plus the kids have their own story arcs going on as well. Basically all the characters evolves over the course of the season, that they aren't the exactly the same in episode 13 as to what they were in episode 1.

I'm really hoping they shoot another season, as I said I loved it, and I want to see where these characters go on from here.

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