Saturday, February 20, 2016

Doctor Who Tales From The Tardis The Rescue

This week we're going over part seven of 'The Dalek' serial...

Ian, Barbara and the surviving members of their party try to find a way into the Dalek City whilst Alydon prepares the other Thals for an attack. But only the Doctor and Susan are aware of the full extent of the threat the Daleks pose...

Additional Notes: Yes, I changed the intro, since I figured I'd make a logo for this little show, still going to keep the clip of footage in there since the BBC does not have an issue with it. Other thoughts on this particular episode of Doctor Who is that how quickly the Daleks demise was reversed much of their near instant popularity, and one could argue that this story was the cause of Doctor Who moving from being 'fairly' educational to the more sci-fi adventure approach that it would evolve into.

Vlog Production Notes

Additional Footage From Doctor Who The Rescue BBC, 1964

Additional Music Doctor Who Theme Ron Granier RCA, 1980

Next Week we'll be going over part one of The Edge of Destruction

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