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Jungle Girl #1 - Comics From The Basement

This week I review, Jungle Girl #1, from Dynamite Comics, published in 2007

Vlog Version

Blog Version There are some character types that are created that despite everything, ends up sticking around, and this weeks comic is certainly a testament to that fact, with Jungle Girl #1.

Now the character type called a 'jungle girl' is something we've all seen at one point or another, a woman scantly clad in an animal print attire (normally some variation of bikini), and often have a similar background to Tarzan, as in being a child raised in the jungle by the beasts.

Now it's said the character originated with Rima in the 1904 novel Green Mansions, and some variations of the character type include Ayla from the classic RPG Chrono Trigger, Christa on Land of the Lost, Jungle Grrrl in the Women of Wrestling wrestling promotion, Leela on Doctor Who, and Ursula from George of the Jungle.

Now getting back to the task at hand, Jungle Girl #1, from Dynamite Comics which was published in 2007. And of course I'm going to give you the break down.

Plot: Jana the Jungle Girl sees a plane crashing and rushes to save its occupants before the dangers of the island she resides on, however all is not as it seems with the survivors. Basically the plot is introduce our heroine and set the course for the rest of the series. It's simple, and straight forward, and because the island has cavemen, dinosaurs and other dangers, it basically sets up Jana as being someone is very familiar with her environment and knows these outsiders won't stand a chance without her help.

Writer: I would have to call this a collaborative effort between Frank Cho, who did the cover art, is credited with the Plot, and Doug Murray who is credited with the comic's script. Since Cho didn't write the book, just did the cover, let's talk about Mr. Murray, a Vietnam vet who has whose credits include an issue of What If in 1990, a number of issues of Marvel Comics Presents in 1991 and Athena issues 1 to 4 in 2009. Of those books, I've only read Athena and I have say I enjoyed it, found it an easy read. Which is of course what Jungle Girl #1 is, a light easy read. The majority of characters who speak are well define.

Artist: So back to Frank Cho... who did the cover art, and the cover is, well it's a great poster / pin-up style, which is what Cho is known for. Just got to his website and you'll see what I'm talking about. But who did the interior art, well Adriano Bautista. Unfortunately, I've seen only a bit of his artwork, as the only other things I've seen of his was his stuff on Dynamite's Battlestar Galatica series. Just keeping that in mind, I'd say he's decent... with a a clear love of 'cheesecake', as page 1 of the comic is a short of a plane coming down, and also a shot of Jana's backside. In fact on Jana alone there are about a dozen panels in this comic showing off 'what she's got', and considering she's wearing not much of anything that could be considered overkill, but it's not like it's spaced out, in some cases it's multiple panels on the same page. Now I'm not saying 'cheesecake' is a bad thing, but in the case of this comic, it's a bit much.

Positives: As I said the it's a light and easy read, the characters are well defined, the plot flows easy, we see someone set a timed-explosion on the downed aircraft, we see that Jana is someone who is take charge and no-nonsense. And the artwork is very decent and nice to look at.

Negatives: Well I already went over the cheesecake excess in it, and that's really the only downside here.

Weirdness: This comic has a bit of a unique way of book-ending itself... it opened with the before-mention shot of Jana's back-side... and closes with the a shot of Woolly Mammoth stampeding towards Carol, one of the survivors of the crash, and it's her backside the readers see (granted she's wearing shorts).

Recommendation: Considering the positives by far out weight the negatives, I can recommend this comic without any hesitation. It's solid story telling that anyone can follow with the artwork certainly supporting it, and since its part of a series, it leaves a great impression that makes me want to read more. You can find this comic over at for a digital download, or if you prefer to have a hard-copy version, checkout to see if they have it in stock. Till next time friends.

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Lets Play Grandia II: Epic Defeat on New Valmar

Scroll down to the bottom for the Live Stream Replay

It's that time again... time for a post-stream blog on my latest Live! From The Basement.... and boy did things get wonky in this one... as I tear through New Valmar... well not really, it's more like stumbling around, getting annoyed with the bugs that just eat magical attacks... and then getting a rude reminder about why I prefer having four party members instead of three.

In the two hours of game play I did today, it ended up in a series of boss battles (and me trying to keep up with the dialog as Zera can't understand how humanity is overcoming the minions of the revived god (Valmar), as well as the resurrection and return of Millenia.(Yay!). Basically, Zera believes he should just wipe out the world, and then proceeds to cut off Roan and Tio from Ryudo,Elena and Millenia...

Which of course leads to me having to talk about the epic defeat to the tongue of Valmar.... as you've seen in previous Live Streams... I love having the ability to hit massive group attack moves that do alot of damage, and its perfect with a party of four... but with a party of three it's a struggle, cause there isn't that fourth person to help keep things off-balance... and it's been Tio in that role, with her Lotus move, which is quick and has a cancel effect.

Really, losing her for the rest of the game is huge, as it really changes my mindset on how to approach the final four battles.

But don't worry, next week it'll us running the gauntlet... facing the Tongue, Eye, Heart of Valmar... and Pope Zera himself... hopefully without dying too many times lol.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tales From The TARDIS - Edge of Destruction

This week we go over part one of 'The Edge of Destruction'


Hello and Welcome to the Basement and welcome to Tales From The TARDIS To recap, The Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara have helped the Thals defeat the Daleks for good (only to be retconned thanks to the Daleks popularity), and have left Skaro,.. so what happened next? That's what we're going over this week, in part one of Edge of Destruction entitled, The Edge of Destruction

The Doctor attempts to correct some circuitry but it causes an explosions and everyone is knocked out, Barbara is the first to recover, she awakens Ian and Susan, who has a bout of amnesia, but the Doctor is out with a wound on his head. Susan, seeing her grandfather hurt, tends to him but also becomes convinced that the TARDIS is under control of an alien presence (would not be the last time that happens!)

What seemingly validates Susan's fears, is that The TARDIS itself starts to act strangely, with the doors opening and then closing whenever someone approaches them, and when Susan attempts to operate the door controls on the console, she gets an electric shock. The Doctor finally recovers, and Barbara tends to him, while Ian takes Susan to her room, and in one of my favorite out of character moments, Susan tries to stab him with a pair of scissors. Guess no one takes Susan to bed without her say so! Later on, as Susan is resting, The Doctor Barbara and Ian discuss the situation, and in the manner of The Thing of Another World, there is a lot of paranoia and suspicion to understand what occurred. Barbara goes to check on Susan, who tries to stab her with a pair of scissors as well... again, awesome out of character moment.

Meanwhile, The Doctor with Ian's help (or lack there of), is trying to figure out where they are, and only find images of earlier trips made in the TARDIS, with a series of images 'A picture of a planet, then a solar system and then an explosion. Oh and Susan is now convince that an alien force not only has entered the TARDIS but now one of the people on board is in it's control. It's the THING! And I'm not kidding, The Doctor and Susan accuse Ian and Barbara of sabotaging the TARDIS to get back to England in 1963, which leads to Barbara being pissed as all hell, reminding them of what happened on Skaro and with the Cave People, and as she goes on her tirade, she notices the clock that is in the console room has melted, and not just it, but their watches and other time pieces on board as well.

Out of the Blue the Doctor excuses himself and returns with a tray of drinks, as a peace offering to 'cool' the situation and to help everyone get to sleep. Once Barbara, Susan are gone, The Doctor examines the console, but as he does a pair of hands grab him by the throat... and our episode ends here on that cliffhanger.

And while I mentioned it in the my recap, this is the Doctor Who first take of 'The Thing', and if anyone is acting out of character it's Susan. There is something great about a paranoia based story that is truly terrifying (as I mentioned in Basement Matinee earlier this week), because it's the unknown that scares everyone. That said, this episode certainly had a bit of awkwardness towards the end... namely that while a pair of hands grabbing the Doctor by the throat is solid cliff hanger in its own right... but its set up with the Doctor getting a night cap for everyone was clunky. I think seeing the time pieces, clocks and watches melting would've been more effective.

Anyway, that's all for this week's Tale From The TARDIS, next week will be going over part two of The Edge of Destruction... The Brink of Disaster!

Additional Footage From Doctor Who The Edge of Destruction BBC, 1964

Additional Music From Doctor Who Theme Ron Granier RCA, 1980

First Impressions: Fuller House

New Vlog N Blog... Like many I binged watched all 13 episodes of Fuller House... and so here are my thoughts on it... note this was recorded just before 4 in the AM

Abbreviated Blog Version

So... its... approaching 4 AM in the morning after binge watching all 13 episodes of Fuller House... and I have to say, I'm one of those who love this series. It started off with a great nostalgia look of Full House... and while the show being on Netflix, and got a little bit edgier than the original show, they kept the same family friendly vibe that made the original show beloved.

First off... the cast have great chemistry, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin (Who alone justifies the nickname Fuller Blouse) and Andrea Barber worked great off each other as kids when they played DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy, and that chemistry was still there, and the kid actors certainly held up their end of the bargain. Then there is the supporting cast, Juan Pablo Di Pace as Fernando (Kimmy's ex husband with a rather pronounced accent) , John Brotherton as Matt, and Scott Weinger returning as Steve (DJ's High School sweet-heart, competing with Matt for DJ in a Bachelorette styled storyline) certainly fit in perfectly with the style of the show.

Then there's of course John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and Lori Loughlin as guest stars spread out over the 13 episodes, they weren't a presence in every episode, and when they were there, they didn't over-shadow the full time cast. That was reserved for Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants who is a well known odd-ball in the Major Leagues... which makes me wonder if they actually scripted anything for him.

Now the show has some minor faults, and that's trying to cram in so much into each episode which lead to rather uneven running times (anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes), but is it really a fault for them trying? I don't think so. Hell some of the best moments came out of left field, namely dance sequences.... and a wrestling theme episode that seemed to bury the stupidity of Lucha Underground.

And speaking of burying... or getting 'shade'... Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen certainly got jokingly burned a few times as part of a barrage of break the fourth wall jokes that extended to Alanis Morrest's song about Dave Coulier and Candace Cameron Burr being on The View, plus in-universe jokes and references (Jesse and Becky having a candle lit dinner with McDonalds food,

Also in this shows favor was something that wasn't really prominent in Full House 20 plus years ago was an on-going story arc that extended over a full season, unlike here. There's DJ getting back out there dating after husband passed away and having two guys wanting her, Fernando doing everything possible to win Kimmy back, plus the kids have their own story arcs going on as well. Basically all the characters evolves over the course of the season, that they aren't the exactly the same in episode 13 as to what they were in episode 1.

I'm really hoping they shoot another season, as I said I loved it, and I want to see where these characters go on from here.

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Back The Ghostheads Documentary Kickstarter

That's right, I'm backing The Ghostheads Kickstarter... and I'm going to explain why, and hopefully you'll join in and back it too!

For More About Ghostheads & To Back The Kickstarter Campaign Visit

And Follow The Project on Twitter @GhostheadsMovie

The Blog Version Hey everybody, Fred Casden here... anyone that has watched what I produce on my YouTube and Daily Motion channels, should notice that in the background is Mr. Stay-Puft... which is an indicator that I am a Ghosthead... a fan of the Ghostbusters franchise.

My personnel fandom goes back to the 80s, now I wasn't old enough to see the original film in theaters... but it was a movie that my dad had on VHS... and I grew up watching the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series, I had a lot of of the action figures as a kid... granted the only one I still have is Peter Venkman from the Super Fright Featured line... saw Ghostbusters II in theaters in 1989, and when Extreme Ghostbusters came around in the mid-90s, that lead me to the Ghostbusters Fan Forum as well as corresponding with the late Doreen Mulman who ran that site, which in turn lead to me dabbling with various creative outputs over the years and also lead to me having a real appreciation for Voice Actors. Like many I was hoping for a 3rd movie and jumped for joy when Ghostbusters the Video Game came out. I am a fan... and 'Ghostheads' will be a documentary about the fans.

Now I feel this will do for Ghostbusters fans what John De Lancie's documentary 'Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony' and 'Trekkies' 1 and "Trekkies' 2 has done, in showing the love and appreciation that fans have for a franchise..

The people involved in the project have worked on documentary's such as 'I Am Santa Claus' and 'Back In Time' (which can be seen on Netflix if you want to see how good these guys are)

So my fellow Ghostheads... here's the skinny... the film is in its post-production phase, meaning it's near completion, and by backing the project, you can make sure that film is presented in the best way possible, for animation, post-production color correction and sound mixing, licensing fees and even film festival fees to get it seen in cinemas... and you get something back, like many Kickstarter projects, there are tiers for those who back it a different levels.

And don't think I'm not backing this project. I am and if you are a fan of Ghostbusters, I hope you consider backing the 'Ghostheads' as well.

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This Week With The SuperHeroes: Feb 26, 2016

This week's topics include iZombie, Marjorie Liu's problem with the casting of Iron Fist, this weeks television shows which includes The X-Files, Supergirl, Agent Carter, The Flash, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow...

BLOG / SCRIPT Version It's the week of February 26, 2016, it was an interesting week in terms of the show on TV, but we'll get that later... and some folks DM'ed on Twitter (@FredCasden) wondering why I do this on Friday's, the answer is this, i watch every show a day after it airs because for whatever reason Comcast's broadcast TV signal sucks, their on-demand and TvGo services are flawless... which does raises questions about the amount I pay for them.

Anyway over the course of this past week I watched iZombie Season 1 on Netflix... and I loved it. Now (shocker) I have not read the comics the show is based on, but the show is done in such a way that it doesn't matter, it's very easy to get into, and I wished I did much sooner, cause now I have to wait for all of Season 2 to either be added to Netflix (and no I'm not going to switch to Hulu, i hate their PS3 interface), or for the full season to be added to On-Demand. So I won't be adding the show to my weekly viewing until the start of Season 3. That said, something that made season 1 easy to watch was that it was only 13 episodes... 20+ episode long seasons are just a chore to get through, even with rotation for bing watching, so I'm a little apprehensive about a going through 19 episode season two. Now lets do the NEWS

Marvel writer Marjorie Liu, whose worked on X-23, Darken: Dark Wolverine, Black Widow, in addition to other works, has a problem with the casting of Finn Jones, best known for his role on 'Game of Thrones' as Iron Fist, one of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe shows exclusive to Netflix.

She is quoted as saying, “Iron Fist is an orientalist-white-man-yellow-fever narrative. An Asian actor would have helped subvert that offensive trope, and reclaim space" in addition to :“Let me be blunt: I won’t watch Iron Fist if they cast a white dude. I can’t do it anymore. I’ve reached my limit. Peace out.”

So... let's put the cards on the table shall we? First from the Marvel Universe stand-point, the character of Iron Fist has a secret identity, Danny Rand, who is a blond-haired Caucasian. So the casting is perfectly in line with how the character has been since 1974, so the casting is keeping things in sync with the comics. Second, looking at Ms Liu's comic book credits... I notice she has not worked on anything 'Iron Fist' related, and knowing how Marvel has re-branded a number of characters to include more diversity, one would think if she took this matter seriously, she would would go to Marvel's editor in chief, Axel Alonso and... oh wait, well that itself would explain why she hasn't worked on anything involving the 'Iron Fist' character, Alonso answers to Joe Quesada... and Quesada wants things to be like how they were in the 1970s. Still there's the Ultimate Marvel line where there is that freedom to change things up, hell that's where Miles Morales as Spider-Man came from. Hell that's where the 'justification' for Samuel L Jackson to be Nick Fury originated as well.

Anyway enough of that... there is reports that the upcoming Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice film just escaped getting an 'R Rating' but its labeled with a 'PG-13' rating... you know what else got a PG-13 rating? Batman Returns. And for a counter-point, Universal Soldier was Rated R.... and that was tamer than Batman Returns. And I saw both in theaters at 9 years old... in fact I saw a lot of Rated R films before I was the age of 10 come to think of it. Now the reason I'm bringing this up, there's an internet meme of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool, 'telling people' not to take their kids to see Deadpool because it has an 'R-Rating', and people are actually in agreement with it. Now I saw the movie last week... and compared to a lot of stuff I saw as a kid, Deadpool was pretty damn SOFT. Hell compared to Batman Returns, Deadpool was pretty damn weak, hell the only thing Rated-R about it was the 'Calendar Girl' sequence and the use of some bad language. The 'gore' was weaker than what you see on the Walking Dead and that airs of freaking AMC, and the 'violence' was rather cartoonish. Thing is, Deadpool very easily could've been PG-13, hell it wouldn't have taken much. And you know what's funny... people would've whined and cried about it not being 'Rated R'!

And GOOD NEWS... The Dacia Sandero has Easy-R Transmission.

And on that note... on to my thoughts regarding this week's shows!

X-Files - My Struggle II Plot: The investigation that Mulder and Scully began with Internet show host Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) seems to have created powerful enemies; Scully searches for a cure when people all over the country become gravely ill; a figure from the past emerges.

Rating: 2 out of 5 - What a bloated mess this was, it was as if if the creative team realized too late that the stories told in episode 2 through 5 of this season were not at all connected to what's book-ending this series, and crammed in as much as possible into this episode to compensate... not to mention over kill on every single conspiracy theory that has come along in the past 15 years. The only reason this episode gets any praise from me is I did like the it reminded of an episode of Quantum Leap. Also, Gotham returns this upcoming Monday

Supergirl - Truth, Justice and the American Way Plot: Kara battles the Master Jailer while dealing with a second assistant at CatCo and disagreeing with James over the DEO's methods.

Rating 5 out of 5: Something about this episode just clicked for me in all the right ways... maybe because of was Supergirl fighting someone who is clever about he does, maybe it was in the intodruction of Siobhan Smythe (aka the Silver Banshee in the comics) as someone who ust just getting under Kara's skin, or the depate about the DEO's methods which are much more compelling than the arguments about SHIELD's methods, or maybe Kara learning that J'onn killed her aunt... this episode just had a lot going for it that for me made it perfect in my eyes.

The Flash - King Shark Plot: When King Shark escapes from an A.R.G.U.S. holding tank, Diggle and Lila go to Central City to warn The Flash; Joe, Iris, Wally and Barry are attacked.

Rating: 3 out of 5, Barry Allen, is sad about things that are out of his control, doesn't understand why Wally doesn't like him... like we the viewers needed to be reminded of the character's stupidiy on Earth-2! That said, oh look 'Jay Garrick' is Zoom...well it fits the plot, so at least they didn't let it drag out to much later in the season, King Shark looked freaking awesome, which again makes me wonder about how Agents of Shield is going to do in the special effect department, and there was some great interactiom between Vibe and Catlin. The Flash will be on hiatus until March 22

Agent Carter The Edge of Mystery Plot: Sousa and Peggy try to make a deal with Whitney Frost; Howard Stark helps the SSR in hopes of eliminating Zero Matter.

A Little Song and Dance Plot: Peggy must put a dangerous plan into action to stop Whitney Frost and save Dr. Wilkes; Thompson makes an unexpected move.

Combined Rating: 3 out of 5.... two episodes, back to back on the same night is just too damn much... but unlike what opened the season, these two worked out a lot better , as now the season is heading towards its conclusion so everything had more of an up-tempo this week. Also... Wilkes can't seem to catch a break... he's like Noidberg in the Naked Gun movies, if something can happen to him, it WILL happen to him. The season finale is next week, with Agents of Sheild returning the following week.

Arrow -Taken Plot: Oliver asks Vixen, who has magical abilities, for help battling Darhk; Thea and Malcolm have an honest conversation.

Rating: 4 out 5 - Okay, off the bat I love Vixen, and I hope I have time to watch the animated season that is online in the near future, maybe binge watch that and do a broad overview. Onto this episode... this is your standard kidnapped child scenario, which while having a 'happy ending' of the kid being saved, doesn't end on that note, the real meat of this episode is actually with Speedy and Malcolm, and at some point I'm betting these two have a battle to the death, and the ending with Felcity breaking off her engagement to Oliver. The only down-side here, is that Felicty just getting up and walking to close to episode wasn't shocking to me, but awkward as it was said in LAST WEEK'S EPISODE that she 'should probably' be walking by their wedding day. Way to rush and ruin what would've been a predictable, but cool moment to close the SEASON on. Anyway, much like The Flash, Arrow is on Hiatus until March 23.

Legends of Tomorrow - Star City 2046 Plot: A malfunction sends the Waverider into Star City in 2046, where the heroes are faced with a surprising version of the future; Sara receives devastating news.

Rating 5 out of 5 -Wow... what a great episode... and I say that a lot about Legends of Tomorrow, but week out of week this show. Star City has gone to hell in a hand basket thanks to the rise of Deathstroke Jr, Oliver Queen has become a bitter old man with a missing arm... where did I see that before... there's a new Arrow running around and it's the son of John Diggle... a love triangle is accidentally started with Jax, Ray and Kendra with Stein caught in the middle... this was just awesome, every character had something to do, and everything was engaging. This was a great stand-alone episode that continued the story

So I think that covers everything this week, if you have opinions on any of the topics this week, leave them in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe to my channel. Catch ya next time!.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Basement Matinee - The SAW Franchise

The SAW Franchise certainly made it's money... but is it something I enjoyed?



From 2004 to 2010, the SAW Franchise held a strangle hold on late October with 7 films that had a combined gross of over $870 Million dollars, with the stimated cost of each film being a total of about $65 Million... so to say the films made serious 'bank' is of course an understatement. And I'm all for people making money. And I understand the series has its fan-base, and they are excited for 'Saw: Legacy'

The thing is... I don't consider SAW to be a horror franchise, because for me, it is a constant example and reminder of the low standards I had when it comes to movie. With the exception of the first film, which is more of a psychological thriller that I do consider a classic, the remaining films rely on shock kills, and over the top antics, that have basically earned SAW the nickname of torture porn, relying on shock, and basically a 'can we top this' hot shoting attitude. Problem is, at some point you can't top yourself and you have to actually rely on a story, and doing things in a traditional manner, which would lead you alienating your audience.

And I know what people are going to say, that the slash-flicks of the 80s were that too... to which I say, no they weren't it. Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, yes they had over the top deaths, but there was an actual story being told, and there was effort put into making you want to at least like the characters and hoped they survived. SAW basically went the other way, making the characters so cookie-cutter that when they got whacked, you didn't care, in fact viewers laugh and cheer, a clear first sign indicator that they weren't going for the film itself, it was for the spectral of a simulated death.

And don't think I'm against 'bad people' getting what's coming to them, the thing is, in any decent story, these 'horrible' folks have some redeeming qualities... in SAW, again with the exception of the first film, the characters were just bodies for the next 'torture endued death'. Hell the scariest film I've ever scene would be John Carpenter's The Thing, where the story built the tension, making you wonder who can be trusted and who is the creature, and when a character ended up dying, it served a purpose to further enhance the horror. In SAW, there is none of that.

Now if you enjoy the SAW Franchise, awesome, I'm happy for you, but you won't see me in line to see the new film when it hits theaters in 2017. ..

Lets Play Star Trek Online: All That Glitters

Are you familiar with Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram? He's quite unique, even for an old EMH Mark I. Now he holds rank in Starfleet in his own right! We've received a message that the Doctor requires assistance to deal with a medical situation on an Ocampa freighter in the Shenda system. He is currently en route in one of Voyager's shuttles. Normally I would send a medical Vessel, but we have seen a spike in Vaadwaur attacks and I want to make sure he has all the resources he will need. Could you go to the Shenda system and assist the Doctor?

So we're back to the actual story, and as you can tell by the mission intro, we have a special guest for this mission, The Doctor, voiced by Robert Picardo, who played the character for seven seasons on Star Trek: Voyager. Much like Ethan Phillips as Neelix, Picardo steps seamlessly back into a role. The voice work is rather solid, in my opinion.

Now this mission itself, is rather well balanced, opening in space, beaming down, with combat spread out so that its not to overwhelming for the player. The actual story introduces Gaul, the leader of the Vaadwaur, a rather self-righteous villain who twists things around so that it benefits him in the long run... which leads to the cold-blooded massacre of the Talaxians on the Asteroid base.

This mission is also notable for the 'who do you save' element when you have two groups of hostages, but can only save one, regardless of how fast you are. Its perfect for the story being told, and the first time in Star Trek Online this is a factor, though there is no consequence or difference regardless of who you choose to save.

Next time... it's another set of Patrol Missions with 'Know Your Enemies..."  

Nosalgia Trip - Quantum Leap

This week's Nostalgia Trip is a quite a 'Quantum Leap'

VLOG VERSION - Scroll Down For The Blog Version

BLOG VERSION Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Doctor Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator - and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so Doctor Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap... will be the leap home.

That my friends, is the opening narration, or one of them, for Quantum Leap, one of the most unique televised sci-fi series of all time.

Created by Donald P Bellsario... the guy behind other shows like Magnum PI, Airworlf, JAG and NCIS (Wouldn't that be a hell of a cross-over)... and Starring Scott Backula and Dean Stockwell, the series was a staple of NBC from the spring of 1989 to the spring of 1993. I will admit , I didn't watch the show when it first aired, instead watching it when it was syndicated and of course thanks to things like Netflix and Hulu, able to stream the entire series in epic binge watching marathons.

Now one of the most unique aspects of the show was the fact that our hero, Sam Beckett, leaped into the 'life' of a different person every episode (with one noteable exception), in different time periods and situations. For example, he ended up being a boxer in the early 70s in one episode, then the very next a veterinarian in the mid 1950s the very next, followed by being a mafia hit-man in the 1960s. And don't think that gender and race were a factor, some of the best episodes of the series saw Sam become a woman (for example in season 2's 'What Price Gloria') and a person of color (for example season 3's Black on White Fire, where Sam is an African-American med student caught up in the middle of the Watts Riots of 1965).

Of course to say the show didn't have some quirks is an understatement... as Sam when he leaped from one situation to the next, was often in the proverbial deep end of the pool, for becoming a soldier in Vietnam just before a platoon is ambushed, to being part of the Triple-K (you know the guys with the white hoods), being a woman whose about to give birth, or being a guy who is strapped into an electric chair.

What a lot of people have a problem with the show is that it is built around 'happy endings', to which I say, what's wrong with that? The show had it's premise, it's on-going story arc of hoping Sam manages to return home (which he does for one episode, but the kick in the crotch 'series final' says he never does), so there is something bittersweet about everything. And of course, there is the 'modern' take on what a 'sexy male lead' in a series should look like... and while Stephan Amell on Arrow is jacked to the damn gills... the physique Scott Backula had in Quantum Leap is much more realistic for the average Joe.

Of course, I have to talk about the on-screen chemistry of Backula and Stockwell, which in a way is very much 'odd-couple' like, but it works so well, and lets face it, it had to work, cause they were the only characters for the entire series. Its a testament to the acting ability to make something work when the only thing consistent on each episode are Sam and Al, since everything else changes.

Now as I said earlier, the show did give a kick in crotch ending, Quantum Leap ended with a title card telling viewers that Sam never got home. Granted it was probably due to finding out the show was not going to be renewed for a sixth season, but for it be outright stated that he never did make it back, really blows.

But... with the recent success of the X-Files mini-series on FOX... why can't NBC pull Quantum Leap out of mothballs to bring some actual closure to show... oh right, Scott Backlua is starring on NCIS New Orleans, which airs on CBS. But anyway, you probably see my thinking here, a short mini-series of 6 episodes, perfect for a Summer Run would be perfect for the shows 30th anniversary in a couple of years, and maybe fix what did go wrong with how it ended.

Of course that's just my opinion on this little trip of nostalgia.

Additional Footage & Music In The Vlog Quantum Leap NBC, 1989-1993

Monday, February 22, 2016

WWE Fastlane Review

So I only had two predictions right, but I suspect one match result changed in regard to an injury. And also keep in mind, I don't view things as most other wrestling fans as far as my review of tonight's event goes.

Additional Thoughts: Yeah since I recorded this without a script I forgot what I was going to say in regard to the finish of the six-man tag, that being with the Wyatts losing, the main event was changed in terms of eliminating Brock from the equation. Not that actually helped matters. And yes I'm very interested to see how the hell the WWE is going to see Reigns vs Triple H when the match people would've been interested in was Ambrose vs Triple H.

Nash #1 - Comics From The Basement

This week's Comic Book is Nash #1, from Image Comics in 1999



Pro wrestling in the late-90s certainly led to a number of things, that in the long run for the industry itself none of which has been positive, however, since the WWE (then WWF) and WCW were so popular, a number of in-ring stars ended up getting their very own comic books. Now wrestlers in comics is not new, the WWF had a short run with Valiant comics in the early 90s, and WCW even had a full series with Marvel... but those comics did have something to do with wrestling. This week's comic, Nash #1 from Image Comics... does not.

PLOT: Set in an apocalyptic future (as if there is any other kind), a man name Cyrus Storm and his organization the Citadel control the world's food supply, the upper class live in domed cities and get food, and are rather content, the lower class live in the wastelands, scavenging for whatever they can find to survive... but their hope... a 7 foot tall vigilante named... NASH!

Writers: Kevin Nash - Yes... Big Sexy was involved with the writing process... which I have to wonder, since one would think his comic book counterpart's dialog would've been better than lines like 'No... No Today Cue Ball', and quips that seem like they belong in an Bruce Campbell movie. However as I said, Nash was just involved with the writing process as there is a second writer listed who also did the pencils, Marata Mychaels

Artist: I'm somewhat familiar with Marat Mychaels work in more recent stuff with Demonslayer, and I enjoyed the artwork on that... however in comparing Nash #1 which he did in 1999 with Demonslayer from 2005... Nash #1 certainly looks dull and flat.

Positives of the comic: This could also count as a negative, but the comic is filled with action, the first entire page of it gives a run down of the setting and situation, much like the opening crawl to like Star Wars, Judge Dredd, etc. The physical proportions of those seen in the comic is well done, because Kevin Nash himself is an actual giant at around 7 feet tall, and does end on a suspenseful note, with Nash being shot from behind following an long battle sequence.

Negatives of the comic: The artwork, in my opinion isn't that great... there is some weirdness with the faces, in several cases looking flat as if it was a concept sketch that was rushed along to get the comic out in time. There is a bit of here worship for Nash, with lines like "You're lucky to be alive! It wasn't Luck Uncle, it was Nash! Nash? THE NASH?!" and as said, 'it's filled with action', but not much actual story beyond the opening 'crawl'. And with there only being two issues in the series, there isn't much here to make one go check out issue two.

Oddness: There is a scene of Nash having relations with a blond, with the line 'I think the ground is moving'... followed by an explosion. Guess that's why they call him Big Sexy.

Recommendation: It's an interesting oddity, the set up is typical for a post-apocalyptic future, however, for it being issue #1, there just isn't anything here that one could sink their teeth into. If your a collector and a wrestling fan, I'd say track it down. But otherwise, it's just a comic from the 90s that probably is best left forgotten. At some point I'll track down issue #2.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

WWE Fastlane Predictions

Yes that's right I'm giving my predictions for tonight's WWE pay-per-view special, Fastlane... will my comments on certain message board heroes cause trolls and dislikes...that is almost a guarantee. But that's the thing about wrestling fans... if you don't share the 'majority' opinion, you're beneath them... but if I was afraid of backlash, I wouldn't be here.

Predictions Run Down
Jericho over Styles
Wyatt Family over Ryback, Big Show & Kane
Dolph Ziggler over the Qubeccer
Becky & Sasha over Team Incredibly Bad
Brie over Charlotte
Kalisto over Del Rio
Ambrose over Lesnar & Reigns

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lets Play Grandia II: The Testing Of Ryudo's Soul

So after a delay thanks to me choosing to see Deadpool last Sunday, we're back in the next installment of my Grandia II play-through, and yes, this was actually streamed LIVE on YouTube (The replay is posted down below if you want to see it!).
Now where do I even begin... well, how about with me trying to remember where to go in the 'Birthplace of the God'. Yes there is the arrow pointing me in the right direction, but still for most of the game I was going off of memory from when I first played this on the Playstation 2 over 15 years ago. That said, my style of playing the game certainly payed off as everyone is now at level 50 (except Mareg and Millenia cause they are, you know... dead...) and only one battle gave me fits (thanks in part to my own stupidity Tio got knocked down to the red).
The 'true' backstory for Valmar and Granas was certainly epic, but something about it bugs me... and it's mainly the previous civilization deal being more advanced than the current one within the game... then again, Grandia II is basically in a post-apocalyptic world, so it makes sense in a way.
And of course... I have to address this... my own confusion and worry that I actually picked the wrong choices when Ryudo's soul is being tested... yeah I was actually thinking I screwed up something royal. It's actually a great fake out moment within the game, making the player think they really fouled up. But in the end, it all sets up the big dramatic moment that leads to him, Elena, Roan and Tio flying from the 'Birthplace of the Gods' into Valmar via not a certain body cavity. ..


Doctor Who Tales From The Tardis The Rescue

This week we're going over part seven of 'The Dalek' serial...

Ian, Barbara and the surviving members of their party try to find a way into the Dalek City whilst Alydon prepares the other Thals for an attack. But only the Doctor and Susan are aware of the full extent of the threat the Daleks pose...

Additional Notes: Yes, I changed the intro, since I figured I'd make a logo for this little show, still going to keep the clip of footage in there since the BBC does not have an issue with it. Other thoughts on this particular episode of Doctor Who is that how quickly the Daleks demise was reversed much of their near instant popularity, and one could argue that this story was the cause of Doctor Who moving from being 'fairly' educational to the more sci-fi adventure approach that it would evolve into.

Vlog Production Notes

Additional Footage From Doctor Who The Rescue BBC, 1964

Additional Music Doctor Who Theme Ron Granier RCA, 1980

Next Week we'll be going over part one of The Edge of Destruction

Lets Play Star Trek Online: With Friends Like These...

The Federation Starship, the U.S.S. Voyager, stirred this area of space Their experiences here helped to embolden many, and the species in the Delta Quadrant have taken more efforts to travel across this part of space. Unfortunately many of them have not found common ground among one another.

We need to see this region stabilized, or threats like the Iconians or the Undine will march through the Sphere gateways and into the Alpha Quadrant. Your task is to survey where the political winds are blowing. The more knowledge we have, the better able we will be to react to the situation out here.
So this is another 'explore the quadrant' series of missions, basically to introduce new daily missions for players to do to obtain marks for the Delta Reputation system. There isn't much new added to the ongoing story against the Vaadwaur... actually I take that back, the 'fifth' mission, entitled 'Reconnaissance' does but I'll get to that in a bit

Like some other recent STO gameplays I've done, this mission does take us to different systems, and there is a bit of a 'story' arc, one we see that the Borg Cooperative aren't exactly a welcomed presence by the Jurran, a race who was practically wiped out by the Borg Collective. A Ferengi Damon named Qwen has made some bad deals which makes him public enemy #1 on a number of people's lists, the Benthans are all about the LAW... who do they think they are? Judge Dredd?

But as I said it's the fifth mission here that is the most important, where we meet Subcommander Rai Sahen... who does a really bad job in creating a distraction while my ship tries to access some satellites.

And I should mention my new ship... yes it's one of the new Romulan Flag Ships that was released earlier this month... In particular the Shamshir Class vessle, which has the strongest engineering focus... however... one would wish the bridge officer layout would've had a COMMANDER seat for a Engineering Bridge officer as oppose to a tactical one... but it is what it is. I do have to the full set of consoles... and as you see in the game play video below, I have yet to really figure out what everything does... but I will eventually... I promise.

Friday, February 19, 2016

This Week With The SuperHeroes Feb 19

This week I give my thoughts on the 'Fair Use' controversy, the 'villain' from the upcoming Ghostbusters in name only film, the Daredevil season 2 trailer, and give my thoughts on this weeks episodes of X-Files, Flash, Arrow and others...

The Vlog Version

The Blog Version

Fair Use As many know Doug Walker over at Channel Awesome has been crying about 'Fair Use' in recent weeks, and while he choosing to do on YouTube, I've been trying to find out the policy on the subject from folks at WWE, CBS, FOX, ABC & Disney... it certainly is interesting in trying to find the right person to speak too. I did get some leads, and hopefully I will be able to get some actual answers to my questions

. If fact I had contact with Ms Gloria Stabolito at ABC studios, who stated that ABC has a strict policy that they do not allow YouTube use, and that YouTube is aware of said policy. So if you use content from ABC, best to get rid of it ASAP! On the flip side, the BBC has policy on its website which is more in line with 'Fair Use', just don't be excessive about it in your videos.

The NEWS So the 'villain' has been revealed for the Ghostbusters in Name Only film... and basically it's a sign that everyone involved with in wants to kill off the past since they are 'fighting' the ghost from the iconic Ghostbusters logo.

The trailer for Daredevil Season 2 was released, and it certainly looks good, for being shot in the dark... believe me Daredevil is awesome... just needs a budget for LIGHTING.

Been reported than Crusher Creel is being brought back to Agents of SHIELD, I can support this

And DC is doing another re-launch / re-boot... that is what...5 in 15 years now? Geeze... hopefully the dumber elements of the New 52 are not kept

Thoughts On This Weeks Episodes

X-Files - Babylon - 4 out of 5, got the season back on track, wouldn't mind seeing the younger FBI agents be the 'new' Mulder & Scully

The Flash - Escape from Earth-2 - 4 out of 5, much better than last week, the Jay Garrick we've seen is really Zoom, Killer Frost is gorgeous nuff said

Agent Carter - Monsters - 3 out of 5, basically one person gets rescued another is captured, running in circles

Arrow - Code of Silence - 3 out of 5, The focus shifting towards Oliver's son being held hostage, Lance's storyline was a bit tired and also too quick, Felicity will be walking by the end of the season

Legends of Tomorrow - Fail-Safe - 5 out of 5, basically a rescue operation episode, great bonding moment with Mick and Ray, loved the evil Soviet Firestorm, epic cliff hanger.  

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Opinion: The Last Blue Collar Team In Baseball

With players reporting for Spring Training... I find myself thinking of the last team that in the Major Leagues that one could call blue collar...

Player have reported to the spring training locations for the 30 teams that make up the Major Leagues, as a sign that the 2016 Baseball season is nearly upon us. And I can't help but look back at the last team of characters that baseball had... the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies.

Think of every cliche 'team sports' film you can think of, from the Bad News Bears to Major League and beyond... the 93 Phillies were the real life embodiment of that. A group of guys who on the whole, did not resemble what we've come to accept as 'athletes' in baseball. That's because they weren't athletes... they were ball players. These were guys, just on appearance alone looked like they belong playing softball, hanging in a bar, or in jail (ironically enough Lenny Dykstra ended up doing prison time), basically they did look like guys who should be on a major league roster.

And that's part of why they are still fondly remembered, particularly in the Philadelphia area. They weren't like everyone else. While the Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays of 93 were on the fast track of being the 'white collar' look that has become the standard image of MLB in this day, the Phillies were more 'blue collar', both in appearance and how they played.

Sure every team plays 'hard... but there was something about the 93 Phils, that to this day still resonates with me, but it always looked like they had that got to fight tooth and nail, day after day feel about them. These were guys who played as if they had something to prove... and come hell or high water (or a bloated fastball in Game 6 of the World Series), they were going to prove it, and it showed.

That's why I call them the last 'blue collar', because in the years since then, as Major League Baseball has become more about corporate image and presentation, teams don't seem to give that same effort. As soon as a team is down 3 or more runs early in a regular season game, they basically phone it. Unless it's of course a 'big stage' like a nationally televised game on FOX... who pays big money for the rights to broadcast those games, and of course the teams have to put on a good 'show', but the rest of the time, they could care less about giving a full effort over the course of 9 innings.

Of course... this just my opinion... I could be proven wrong this season.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: The Kobali Front Part 4

Today we blitz the final 'act' of the Kobali front, and if you want to see or rather hear me get frustrated and why I normally edited game plays... this is the video for you. While I fully understand and appreciate the idea behind 'war zones' (which is basically the approach for every world on Star Wars The Old Republic), the frustration of seeing swarms of enemies with absurdly quick re-spawning is something that gets really old really damn quick.

Anyway, it's basically the final push on the ground, to take out the Vaadwar's anti-Kobali supplies, so it's a lot of 'pew pew' while looking for certain objectives... said objectives are of course swarming with enemies and to say I need to re-spawn a few times is an understatement. The only positives of this is that the mission doesn't reset your objectives for being defeated.

That said, the conclusion of the Kobali Front story arc sets up key elements for missions we'll be covering down the road that ties into not one but two episodes of Star Trek Voyager, one being 'Ashes to Ashes' and the other being 'Deadlock'. But that's down the road. Next time out, we'll be back in space... with a brand new Starship!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Nostalgia Trip - Full House

Hello and welcome to the Basement... and it's time for a Nostalgia Trip... as I try to explain 'Full House'

Whatever happened to predictability, the newsman, the paperboy, evening TV?

Well... on February 26 on Netflix, the much anticipated Fuller House will be premiering... and of course this means people are feeling nostalgic for Full House, which ran on ABC from 1987 to 1995, and probably are looking up clips, and episodes... and there is a good chance... they are coming across the profanity filled rant from The N.C...

Now for those unaware, the basic premise to Full House was this, a widower played by Bob Saget, has to raise three children, and gets the help from his brother-in-law, played by John Stamos, and best friend, played by Dave Coulier. It was your standard, by the number sitcom in the same vein as the Brady Bunch and Step by Step. Every plot was designed to be resolve with in an episode (with a handful of two-parters taking place), and normally with some 'life lesson' being taught. There wasn't anything offensive about the show, and the style of comedy fit the formula. It was squeaky clean fun perfect for the 8 PM / 8:30 PM time-slots the show was often in.

For one reason or another, the show build a following, and was often in the top 20 of the Nielsen Ratings (when those actually meant something). The show entered syndicated in 1991, becoming a staple on many stations across the country, including cable, where it's gone from TBS, to ABC Family to Nike at Nite (where it currently can be found). So lets put that into some perspective... Full House has been on the air either on a major network, on a syndicated station, or on cable... for about 30 years.

Again, the question why? And it's thanks to the fact it is a traditional family sitcom, with an approach that isn't offensive and isn't too over the top. Is it bland, yeah, but I will be lying to you if I said I did not still enjoy the show. It's was, and continues to be a light and easy watch.

And I will tell you this that I am indeed looking forward to watching Fuller House next week... will it be like the original? Most likely not, but going by the trailers I've seen, it certainly looks like it's going to be fun. And like I did with Jessica Jones back in November, I will give my thoughts on that series. Till then... have yourselves a good time.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Superman: At Earth's End - Comics From The Basement

This week I relaunch my comic book series, and I'm going to do it as an actual REVIEW, no more page by page summaries.... and we're starting off with Superman: At Earth's End!

Elseworlds: Elseworld takes a well-known character and plonks them into a potentially wildly different location and situation. This can add some freshness to a character which allows them to act a different way than normal canon might allow. DC Comics literally calls this 'elseworld', while Marvel tends to go with 'What if...'

Plot: The Earth has suffered an apocalypse, and Superman's trying to save Gotham City! But, is there anything worth saving?

Writer: Tom Veitch - Best known for being the writer being Star Wars resurgence with Star Wars: Dark Empire with Dark Horse Comics.

Artist: Frank Gomez, not much known on hi,. but has done a lot of work with DC

Positives of the comic: Superman battles Twin Clones of Hitler, the infamous 'Superman' I AM A MAN meme was born here

Negatives of the comic: Despite spending a year in the Sun, Superman rapidly loses his powers (granted this may be do to age), Superman looks like Santa Claus on Steroids, Superman uses a gun and this comic has the gaul to end with an 'anti-gun' message despite the fact the solution to the problem at hand was to use a gun. Superman gushing over Bruce Wayne

Oddness: Somehow this comic ties itself to World War II, suggesting that the battle against the Nazis forced the arms race, which caused the near destruction of man-kind within the comic's version of history.

Recommendation: Despite being a horrible comic, it's worth having in ones collection if acquired at less than the original market retail price.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Movie Matinee - Deadpool

So yeah, as most know, I'm not the biggest movie goer out there, but I did go see the latest Marvel flick from 20th Century Fox...

Summary: This is indeed a Deadpool movie, with all the fourth wall breaks you'd expect, Surprised to see that they made the Merc with the Mouth a more sympathetic character, but it worked with the story being told.

Rating: 4 out 5

Pros: Most of the characters are very well developed, special effects looked great, very funny

Cons: The Villains were bland

Lets Play Star Trek Online: The Kobali Front Part 3

We're back to Star Trek Online... as I've been struggling with two flashpoints in Star Wars The Old Republic... and it's back to the Kobali front! Two combat heavy missions are accomplished today, 'Hidden Assault' and 'A New Warfare', which concludes Act II of this series of missions. Your crew will be heading to the Kobali's hills base and then finding data from a scouting party which you take the a hidden base> The only danger here is the Vaadwaur portals in the area. Then....well let's face it, it's a combat heavy dash to find the Vaadwaur's data on the Anti-Kobali virus at not one, not two... but THREE bases, the last of which involves your crew being trapped and fighting off four waves of enemies. And if that's not enough, you're off to find the original strain of the virus... and it's a bit of a slug fest, but thankfully did not need to respawn once.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tales From The TARDIS: The Ordeal

While Ian, Barbara and their Thal friends try to find a way into the Dalek City through the mountains, the Doctor, Susan and Alydon attempt to make their own way in. Additional Thoughts: This episode showed the positives of the serial aspect, while yes there are sometimes dull episodes and a story can get drawn out too long, you can often get episodes like this that sets up everything for the epic conclusion. Also as I noted in my vlog... it's a big use of plot convenience that the Daleks didn't have what they needed for the plan, it works out but it's obvious that it's done so that the good guys win in the end... not that there is anything wrong with that. And yes I did take a pot-shot at The Flash... and yes I am still pissed off over this week's episode (Welcome to Earth-2).

This Week With The SuperHeroes: Feb 12, 2016

Topics On this Week's Program:

Plans to see Deadpool this weekend on Sunday... wait a minute that's Valentines Day... it's 2016...

Next 3 Transformers films getting annual release dates

The new Top Gear cast

Going Over This Episodes of the X-Files, Supergirl, The Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow.

Episode Ratings. X-Files: Home Again: 2 out of 5 - basically a remake of an episode from season 2

Supergirl: For the Girl Who Has Everything: 3 out of 5 - tired plot, has some humorous moments, decent overall

The Flash: Welcome to Earth 1 out of 5, Wasted opportunity, characters made to look like idiots, only saving grace was Jay Garrick's return of speed.

Agent Carter: The Atomic Job - 3 out of 5, fairly dull, but costumes, set designs make up for it, really unfair to compare it to other Superhero shows

Arrow: Sins of the Father - 2 out of 5: convoluted plot points, secondary plot on the Island unneeded beyond indicating magic will be a big part of the season finale

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: White Knights - 3 out of 5, in a way a step back, character interaction is a strong point, return of bickering among some characters for sake of plot disappointing.

Additional Thoughts: Yeah... I am really pissed about how bad this week's episode of The Flash was... and if there is one thing I hate, it's characters having to become idiots for the sake of the plot. Really was a slow news week, for other topics, so I had to go for the Top Gear cast, and reference Ghostbusters 2.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nostalgia Trip: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

A new reoccurring feature.... how reoccurring is to be yet determined, as I go on a nostalgia trip... possibly thanks to re-watching something or other.... first up, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Additional Thoughts: First up, let me point out that part of this was inspired by an old episode of 'Nostalgia Critic' where said character did a 'review' of the show, basically ripping it apart in between bouts of profanity... and if I came across as 'defending' the show in this video, well yeah, I kind of was. Secondly, I did actually watch all the episodes that were up on Netflix at the time of this recording, and I stand by what I said. The live action sitcom stuff does not hold up, but the cartoon is fine... but I would like to know what's up with the missing 'Friday' episodes.

And while I mentioned it briefly, what ever happened to TV station 'call letters'... might have something new to talk about next week.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Opinion: The Ending To Grease...

I'm probably going to catch a lot of heat for this... but does anyone realize what the moral for 'Grease' is? Danny Zucko goes above and beyond to change for Sandy... basically becomes a jock... and Sandy, well... she 'lowers' herself... and, becomes a 'bad girl'... and Danny basically disgards what he becomes. So we have a movie where the guy changes for the girl, bettering himself... but the girl changes for the guy... and despite everything he accomplished the guy ditches it all, goes back to be what he was.... because Sandy became... well I do try to keep this blog / vlog PG...

Additional Thoughts: For the record... Olivia Newton John is the hotter 'Sandy'... just sayin'

Lets Play Star Trek Online - The Kobali Front Part 2

So after a series of hour long vids, we're back with a shorter one, as we continues battles on the Kobali Front lines. The big news is that the Vaadwaur have developed a serum that will prevent the Kobali from turning corpses into members of their race. And 'obviously' because we're helping the Kobali and the Vaadwaur are on the warpath, despite having a proper solution... we have to find out about this serum to stop the bad guys, who have every right to want to use it on their own people that are in the Temple (as seen last week.)

Other than that, it's a lot of simple running and gunning with a pair of short missions. The battles on the ground will continue next time however!

Additional Thoughts: As you probably can tell... I'm not too keen on helping the Kobali.... and it's really the 'lesser' of two evils, help them or let the Vaadwaur run around uncheck.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Opinion: Daniel Bryan

As stated in my Video Log below, I'm in the minority of being glad that Daniel Bryan has been forced to retire, with back to back major neck injuries, there is no reason in the multi-verse that he should be wrestling. He had a 15-year run that frankly, if he didn't get signed by the WWE in 2010, was going to end that year, since due to the insane lack of logic, his body was already breaking down at that point. I know I'm in the minority on this, and as a fan I'm happy to know he's retiring before he injures himself further.

Additional Thoughts: Yeah that's right I opened the V'log with the Final Countdown and closed with Ride of the Valkyries, figured to be the best way to book end it. The idea for the morphing sequence at the end came at the last minute. That said, obviously things I did not include in the video was my 'favorite' Daniel Bryan match, mainly because I don't have one, as all of his matches tended to be the same. Lots of kicking, arm locks, running drop kicks, etc, etc, etc.

Basement News: Feb. 8, 2016

As alluded to earlier, I'm rebooting my weekly comic book series. This video is just to explain that further.

Additional Thoughts: There is something to be said about trying to make things more uniform, and wanting to avoid the pitfalls and stereotypes that comic with being a YouTuber, Word Presser, Daily Motionista, etc, etc.

This Week's Comic Book: Superman The Wedding Album #1

So this week in the basement, I'm taking a long extended look at DC's epic wedding, that of Superman and Lois Lane.... and boy does the phrase HEAVILY PADDED come to mind...

NOTE: I'm rebooting my comic book series next week, the reason being I want to be able to do this on a weekly basis the way I do all my other shows, as well as to avoid falling into some pitfalls, as well as hopefully bring back interaction with Tribbie.

Broncos Win Super Bowl! Final Score 24-10

Yes, I watched Super Bowl this year, the video of course is my thoughts on the game, basically Manning gets the monkey off his back about only having one Super Bowl win previously, the defense of the Broncos, how Newton seemed to wilt in the spotlight... and where I see things going for next season.

Additional Thoughts: The half time show was alight, I'm not a Coldplay fan, and the other two performers were certainly learned their choreography. It was entertaining... the commericals... nothing really stood out to me as being shockingly awesome. The ones I enjoyed were the ones like with Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins and Christopher Walken, and of course the epic in scale Poke'mon 20th anniversary trailer.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lets Play Grandia II: Losing Mareg, Millenia on Valmar's Moon

So we pick up from last week, being on Valmar's moon with Ryudo, Tio and Mareg rushing to rescue Elena / Millenia from Zera... rushing being the key word as I was going straight through, and not really exploring to try and find all the pick ups I could come across. The fact that some enemies were resistant to fire certainly made this tougher, not to mention having a three-person crew.

Obviously the big story here are the deaths of Millenia (using the last bit of her power to rescue Elena, Ryudo, Tio and Mareg) follwed by Mareg, who gives a Conan To Crom like prayer to Granas in desperation to save Elena, Ryudo and Tio. These happening in such close proximity to each other are real punches to the gut. And on top of that, there is lord Zera becoming the 'Will of Valmar', which begins the final leg of the game and the return of Roan (meaning we're back up to a crew of four for the final push).

Now this part of Grandia II... is pretty damn draining, mainly thanks to the battle with the Egg Guardian, which as you see in the replay, I took the approach of using as much group attack magic as possible, followed by the gauntlet of battles that lead to the Granasaber, since I (stupidly) used my MP re-stock supplies before realizing a save point was nearby, which meant Elena was the only one who could really deal out magic.

Of course, I manage to make it through all that without losing a character in a battle... anyway, enjoy the replay!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tales From The TARDIS: The Expedition

On this week's episode of Tales From The TARDIS, we... well I... go over part five of the Dalek serial, The Expedition...

Additional Thoughts: Even after I finished recording this weeks episode, I have to wonder about the water that Elyon was retrieving, The entire area was said to be radioactive, so I don't think that water would be safe to drink. Unless the Thals had a way to make sure it was safe (and judging by the anti-radiation meds, they probably do, but I'm not so sure).

Also with the 'mutations' around the lake and what happens to Elyon, we get why Ian is apart of this group while the Doctor is going to be apart of the one to Distract the Daleks. This will of course play in the next two episodes in this saga.

Friday, February 5, 2016

This Week With The SuperHeroes Feb 5 2016

On this week's episode, I go over the following: Zack Snyder's comments regarding fans angry with what he did with Superman The Flash-Supergirl Cross-Over is MARCH 28th! Mark your calendars. Elizabeth Banks being cast to play Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers Film Plus Thoughts on this week's episodes of X-Files, Supergirl, Agent Carter, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow!

I Stand With CBS Against Axanar

Yeah... it may surprise many that I'm against 'Star Trek Axanar', the fan film, oh wait, the guy behind it Alec Peters doesn't want to call it a fan film... and well it's the irony of that and a statement he made several years ago that has me against the project and siding with CBS & Paramount Pictures in this matter.

Additional Thoughts: So in the hours since I originally posted this, some other details regarding Axanar was brought to my attention, in particular a tweet by director Robert Meyer Burnett:

The answer is yes, a big difference, one is you're putting your own money at risk, while the other you're risking cash of other people... and the folks at Axanar say that those folks giving money to the project are just 'donors' and not 'investors', to which I say BULL, if you devote anything of yours to something, could be time, could be money, you're an investor.

Which raises a question, What does a 'Fan Film' need with $2 Million dollars? And as the excellently written column by Michael Himan at (which you can read by clicking HERE) pointed out, Star Trek: Horizon, another fan film is running on a budget of $22,000 and has been completed, and looks freaking fantastic! Then there are the outstanding efforts of those behind Star Trek: New Voyages and Star Trek: Continues, which to my knowledge are self-funding at a loss to the producers, but they come across as being more professional than many main-stream productions.

But the answers I've seen to that question by those involve with Axanar are clearly done out of 'ego' and 'spite'.

Anyway, I could go on and on this subject... but I got other things to work on. Like watch last nights DC's Legends of Tomorrow and get notes together for 'This Week With The Superheroes'  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online - The Kobali Front Part 1

Welcome to the Basement, and to Lets Play Star Trek Online... we got another long mission today, as we are the boots on the ground, fighting to defend the Kobali against the Vaaudwar, and oh look, Ensign Kim is here... wait he's a Captain?! How is that possible? Anyway, all is not as it seems... for one the Kobali were described as yet another race in Star Trek looking for a home, the planet they are on, happens to be where many Vaaudwar civilians are being stored in stasis... and the Kobali have a rather... unique way for reproducing that involves the dead of other species.

Now in this hour long video... we cover basically Act 1... which are the following missions, The Calvary, The Son and Temple of My People, plus get caught up in some side missions too that see Sobar getting knocked out, thankfully Satra and Pes'pen are along for the ride to revive me, and not force a re-spawn some place else. Because of how this part of the game flows, it's very easy to get caught up in doing one mission after another cause it just feeds in like that, much like the early tutorial missions did many many months ago when I started this Lets Play series.

Additional Thoughts: So yeah, there's a lot of combat going on, which probably slowed things down to a large degree, but with how this is a war zone, that couldn't have been helped. Thankfully there was enough spoken dialog to where I didn't have to cover every single NPC I came across... but...I couldn't really stop myself from riffing in response to things said within the game.

VIDEO LINK: Lets Play Star Trek Online The Kobali Front Part 1

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shout Out To (Aka Lone Star Comics)

I'm a strong believer in that when you do business with someone, and they exceed all expectations not once, not twice but three times, they deserve some praise... so consider this my testimonial regarding

Their website: My Comic Shop Their eBay store: My Comic Shop On eBay

Lets Play Star Trek Online Janeway's Enemies In All The Usual Places

Granted I do this at the start of the video... but I apologize for this being about an hour long, I kind of got duped thinking there were only three systems to visit in the mission called 'Enemies In All The Usual Places', but then was reminded that there was a fourth. Now I could've split the video into two parts, but I like keeping everything together as much as possible.

Post Mission Thoughts: As you probably saw, I certainly got annoyed with the excessive space combat, and I wish I knew what Cryptic (the Developers of the Game) was thinking of grouping that many combat missions in a row. To put it in perspective, the video is basically an hour long without the travel time, and would've been even longer if I didn't side with one set of APUs in the 3rd mission.

Still there is the comedy of my annoyance with these missions to enjoy if you make it through the entire video. And also there is this... this mission was basically ALL ABOUT more enemies Janeway made.

Monday, February 1, 2016

First Impressions: Starward Rouge

A roguelite labyrinth lodged in the side of a star. Dodge gorgeous waves of bullets, claim weapons and upgrades, defeat The Warden, and rescue... Rodney? That's the description on Steam for the latest release from Arcen Games, 'Starward Rouge', and it's quite on the money in my opinion. It's a simple, easy to pick up top-down maze navigating shooter... think the maze portion of 'Legend of Zelda', except with a mech that shoots rockets. Graphics wise, it's decent, as is the sound work.... but of course the big factor is it fun, and the answer is of course yes. It's a very easy game to learn, with a game pad, you can use the right stick to navigate, the left to fire your main weapon in numerous directions, the left trigger to spring, left bumper to pick up items, right trigger to fire rockets and right bumper for the energy weapons. The mazes appear to randomize, so you don't know exactly what you're going to get, as you'll see in my First Impressions game play video, I stumbled across boss battles rather frequently. I do highly recommend this game for those looking for something fun, and something casual.

This Week's Comic Book: Amazing Spider Man Annual #21

Valentine's Day is in 13 days, so we're opening February with a look at one of the biggest wedding's in comic book history!

Recorded January 2, 2016

Additional Thoughts Since Recording: So of course I recorded this a month ago, and yeah, to say things said in this comic certainly 'justified' One More Day. Peter nearly calling off the wedding because he's feeling guilty about Gwen Stacy is a decent plot point, but then we continues to see and read about what Mary Jane 'gave up' to be with him and her questioning if she wants to give that up. Hell it's a good thing this event happened in the 80s, cause if came out in 2016, Mary Jane probably would've ditched Peter at the alter.

11/20/2019 Grandia Highlights

Well finally we hit the half way point of Grandia tonight, well the end of Disc One if this was the PS-One era, saying good bye to Sue and G...