Monday, January 18, 2016

This Week's Comic Review #64 Priya's Shakti

To say that this week's comic book review is a bit different is an understatement, it's a PSA comic, something that is designed to draw the attention to a particular touchy subject matter. Now for more about the comic, be sure to visit its creator's website Now on to this weeks episode, which was recorded on December 19, 2015 (Yeah I film things way in advance)

My Review of the Comic (If you want to skip the video)

Right off the bat, this comic accomplishes it's goal of bringing forward and issue that is worth talking about. No woman should ever be violated, and the fact that this is still and issue and something that people don't want to bring up amazes me and not in a good way. The artwork is great in my view, and despite my own unfamiliarity with Hindu deities and Indian culture, the comic is presented in such a way where one can 'understand' both, even if as far as the culture goes, it's the seedy underbelly no one wants to know about.

VIDEO LINK: Episode #64 Priya's Shakti

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