Friday, January 29, 2016

This Week With The Superheroes: 1/29/2016

This Week I Go Over:
The announcement of Justice League Action, a new animated series coming to the Cartoon Network
Thoughts On New Episodes Of Supergirl, Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and The X-Files!

Additional Thoughts:

Man I really got hung up on the time travel stuff with Flash... anyway, the cliff hanger for this week's Supergirl and the title for this Monday's episode basically means we'll be seeing Bizarro... and I don't recall their being a Supergirl version of the character before where everything is opposite, because it's a 'mirror image', so things would be reverse.

I just hope they are not going the 'evil twin' route with this

Also big shout out to an old buddy of mine, Joel Carson, for posting the news about Justice League Action!

VIDEO LINK: This Week With The Superheroes: 1/29/2016

Star Trek Online Highlights and Tonight's Trek Tunes Playlist

Ah... just another Thursday which saw Star Trek Online being featured. On this week's broadcast I tore through the bland Breen story arc...