Friday, January 29, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online Time and Tide

Thanks to a foul up on my part, I didn't play this mission until very late last night (or very early this morning

POST MISSION THOUGHTS: This was a pretty fun mission, taking the USS Radical Dreamer forward in time to when the Temporal Accords are signed, while also dealing with the fallout of events from the Iconian war and revisiting the Temporal Cold war that was heavily featured on 'Star Trek Enterprise'. Now I played this mission at about 2:30 AM (Eastern Time), but I do recall mentioning that the hall where the Accords to be signed looked very much like that of where the Federation Charter was signed in 'These are the Voyages...'

The mission itself is very 'Star Trek' like in its pacing, slow build up, interacting with various people in the future (was nice to see the Borg there... liberated ones I mean). The action was a nice mixed of ground and space combat... though this raises a question:

My ship and crew are from the year 2410... how can it hold up against ships that should be 500 years more advance? Though if we are going by Star Trek logic... the more advance a ship is, the crappier are its shields.

VIDEO LINK: Let's Play Star Trek Online Time and Tide

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