Saturday, January 16, 2016

Let's Play Grandia II: No Place Like Roan's Home

The adventured continued last night as I was trying out open broadcaster software to try and give my live streams more quality (I figured it out eventually), and what we got in this new episode is a lot of exploring monster slaying and even arm wrestling? Yeah that's right, it was a crazy portion of the game.

The big things we came across was of course the revelation that Roan's people are the 'Descendents of Darkness', those who fault with Valmar. That his father wants to open a gate that is beneath the castle... and that Melfice, Ryudo's brother, is also involved... and also that Ryudo can't win an arm wrestling match without Elena's help, and that whenever Elena is tired, Millenia comes out to play. Also there is that weird love triangle between the three.

That said, the game did crash on me last night which was rather unfortunate but I do save my game whenever possible! So next time we play we ressume right before where this video ended.

VIDEO LINK: No Place Like Roan's Home

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