Thursday, January 14, 2016

Let's Play Grandia II: Eye See You (Live! Broadcast Replay!)

We return to the world Grandia II following a rather long 'live' broadcast over on YouTube... really wish I could see the chat like I can with Twitch, and the reason why I wasn't using Twitch is that half the time I can't tell if I'm broadcasting. Not to mention the uncertainty on if the broadcast is being recorded like with YouTube.

Anyway, onto what was accomplished: taking out the Eye of Valmar, which is always a heart wrenching battle, because unlike with the Tongue of Valmar whose host was a greedy slob, the host is little Aria, a sweet green haired girl who wants everyone to be happy. Unfortunately her desires has a negative effect on her village, and there are 'eyes' everywhere.

I probably missed a few pick-ups while in Aria's Mind / Dream Space, as I got turned around a number of terms.

The boss battle is pretty long, and I probably didn't take the best approach to it... that said I did avoid anyone getting knocked out (Granted just barely). The key to battle I think was taking out the floating eyes first, and then going piece by on the big pineapple looking creature.
And then prepare for the FEELS with Aira at the end...