Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tales From The Tardis: The Ambush

This week we go over part four of The Daleks story... The Ambush!

Additional Thoughts: As I noted, this was very much an action packed episode, but after I recorded this weeks 'Tales From The Tardis', I'm still wondering why that sculpture was there. I get things being where they are for plot convenience, but I have a real hard time understanding why the Daleks would have a piece of art there! It just doesn't make any sense!

Beyond that, I do love how much of the 'backstory' of Skaro told in this episode has remained apart of Doctor Who over the years, though I think the Thals at some point have to make an appearances in the NuWho.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Live From The Basement! Grandia II - Demon's Law, Body and Heart

Well did a live stream earlier this afternoon... here's the replay, my post thoughts will be listed below

Post Show Thoughts: Certainly a lot accomplished here, with a series of boss battles and a lot of ground covered. I do feel like I missed a few items roaming around within Valmar's body. Of course the big thing was what happened within the story, Zera revealing that he has been working for Valmar's revival and that we've been collecting the pieces of the Evil One, and stuffing them all inside of Elenea... well all except the horns, and we'll see how that plays out next time.

Do have to say that boss battle with the Body was really easy, granted I've been powering it up everything as much as possible. There is of course the problem with the Mana eggs, having six of them and only four characters to use at any given time. Sure one can swap them in and out, but the next part of the game (Taking place on the moon) will see me having only three members on the team.

Friday, January 29, 2016

This Week With The Superheroes: 1/29/2016

This Week I Go Over:
The announcement of Justice League Action, a new animated series coming to the Cartoon Network
Thoughts On New Episodes Of Supergirl, Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and The X-Files!

Additional Thoughts:

Man I really got hung up on the time travel stuff with Flash... anyway, the cliff hanger for this week's Supergirl and the title for this Monday's episode basically means we'll be seeing Bizarro... and I don't recall their being a Supergirl version of the character before where everything is opposite, because it's a 'mirror image', so things would be reverse.

I just hope they are not going the 'evil twin' route with this

Also big shout out to an old buddy of mine, Joel Carson, for posting the news about Justice League Action!

VIDEO LINK: This Week With The Superheroes: 1/29/2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online Time and Tide

Thanks to a foul up on my part, I didn't play this mission until very late last night (or very early this morning

POST MISSION THOUGHTS: This was a pretty fun mission, taking the USS Radical Dreamer forward in time to when the Temporal Accords are signed, while also dealing with the fallout of events from the Iconian war and revisiting the Temporal Cold war that was heavily featured on 'Star Trek Enterprise'. Now I played this mission at about 2:30 AM (Eastern Time), but I do recall mentioning that the hall where the Accords to be signed looked very much like that of where the Federation Charter was signed in 'These are the Voyages...'

The mission itself is very 'Star Trek' like in its pacing, slow build up, interacting with various people in the future (was nice to see the Borg there... liberated ones I mean). The action was a nice mixed of ground and space combat... though this raises a question:

My ship and crew are from the year 2410... how can it hold up against ships that should be 500 years more advance? Though if we are going by Star Trek logic... the more advance a ship is, the crappier are its shields.

VIDEO LINK: Let's Play Star Trek Online Time and Tide

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Revelations Verse 7 of 9

Yes this Lets Play's title is of course a pun on the Book of Revelations...

Anyway, this mission sees of course the debut of the 'big bad' for the next several major missions, the Vaadwaur, or as I like to call them the Cardassians long lost cousins... and I'm not kidding, there are striking similarities between the two Star Trek races, with neck ridges and a snake-like appearance. They made two appearances on Star Trek Voyager, and were basically 'Rip Van Winkle', they were in suspended animation, and were basically out of date technology wise...

However in this mission, they kick all sorts of booty and are a very dangerous foe, easily dispatching Voth ships and causing havoc for another set of aliens that debute on Voyager, The Turai.

Of course, no one cares about that, it's Seven of Nine... and boy has my views changed on this character over the years. Don't get me wrong I like the character a lot, she's visually stunning... and for better or, in often the case worse, Seven was the reason why Voyager wasn't cancelled. Not to mention, Seven is often used as exhibit A as to why Captain Janeway not only was a terrible commander, but really a horrible human being in general.

So that said, let's get to the mission.

VIDEO LINK: Lets Play Star Trek Online: Revelations Verse 7 of 9

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Severed Ties That Are Homeward Bound

Welcome to the Basement!

We continue the 'Friends in Unlikely Places' series of missions with the second half, and we jump right into it with Homeward Bound, Basically this single mission brings ties the episodes 'I, Borg' and 'Descent' from the Next Generation in with Voyager's 'Unimatrix Zero' and 'Unity', and we see what became of Hugh. The mission is a bit tedious, having to damage Borg ships down to less than 30% and use a special beam to 'liberate' them.

The second mission, 'Homeward Bound' sees what happened to some of the Ocampan, they have left their 'space' and are exploring for a new home. It's pretty straight forward, retrieve some raw materials... but also you got to fight off the Kazon.

VIDEO LINK: Severed Ties That Are Homeward Bound

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Battlefield Wanted

Hello everyone!

We are continuing the journey in the Delta Quadrant, however I'm splitting this 'mission' into two parts, because it's actually four missions in one and I'm not in the mood for a lot of editing... besides, I think my reactions to a few things are a bit funny, but of course I'm biased.

The Over Arching title of this is 'Friends In Unlikely Places', and the goal of if it is to get the lay of the land, as it's been 30 years since Captain Janeway pissed off virtually every race she came across.

Ironically, this mission is also a 're-visit' to something from Star Trek Online's early days, called system patrol missions, basically smaller missions grouped together under a unifying title, and its something I rather loved to do as it was a great way to level up a character quick. In fact I think the old Fed System patrols are still do-able... might investigate that down the road when we return to the Beta Quadrant.

On to the two parts of the mission I played in this video, the first is 'Battlefield' basically finding destroyed Borg vessels and searching for clues as to what happened. The second is 'Wanted', where we help the Bethanians deal with the Kazon... and that mission in a way is a 'crash course tutorial' on how to fight the Kazons... though 5 waves of enemies to me was a bit unnecessary.

Anyway, tomorrow or Thursday, I'll do the other half of the mission.

VIDEO LINK: Lets Play Star Trek Online Battfield Wanted

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This Week's Comic Book Review #65 - Star Trek TNG: All Good Things

This week, I look at the comic book adaptation for the Star Trek Next Generation series finale, 'All Good Things'...


This comic... much like the episode... is SLOW AND PLODDING! As it takes forever for the plot to get going and when it does, things have to be rushed for the conclusion. The art work for the most part is very easy on the eyes, as DC Comics had 10 years of doing the original series comics plus about 7 or so for the Next Generation at this point, though their are a few minor flubs here and there, but nothing major). As an adaptation... it's pretty damn faithful to the episode itself... which makes me wonder, was a Television Script easier to convert to a comic book than Movie Scripts? Cause virtually everything was left in from the episode, including bits as stated, get cut out for syndication. The biggest problems here is that Paramount wanted The Next Generation series to end in 1994... and have Star Trek Generation in theaters the same year... which means both the series finale and the movie were being produced at about the same time... which didn't help matters, but that's a subject possibly for SF Debris

Video Link: #65 - Star Trek TNG: All Good Things Recorded: December 27, 2015 Running Time: 41 Minuets

Monday, January 25, 2016

Live! Lets Play Grandia II 1/24/2016

My latest gameplay session for Grandia II was more about the story than the actual adventure, but of course I should probably say I had a devil of a time getting set up last night as I couldn't find my own live broadcast on my phone... without having to install the YouTube gaming app... go figure!

Anway, the adventure continued with where we left off, Ryudo is possesed with the horns of Valmar, and our heroes are on the hunt for the Granasaber, which so happens to be in the area where Mareg lives! And I had trouble doing the voice I had for him this time around, so I apologize for that. We hit his home, Ryudo and Elena get tricked into smelling like sap, Millena wants Ryudo all to herself, but he's in love with both her and Elena...

Action wise... it's really just getting from point A to point B.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tales From The Tardis - The Escape

On this week's episode, we're going over part three of The Daleks story, entitled the Escape. It really focuses on three key elements, Susan meeting Alydon of the Thals, the Daleks showing how devious they are in plotting a ploy to lure the Thals into an ambush (which we'll talk about next week) and of course The Doctor and his companions escaping from their prison cell.

Also found a new theme for this show...

VIDEO LINK: Tales From The Tardis - The Escape

Friday, January 22, 2016



This Weeks Topics: Moffet leaving Doctor Who, thoughts on the new episodes this week (Supergirl Flash Agent Carter Arrow Legends of Tomorrow), Controversy on the Flash Movie Backstory


Notes Stephen Moffet quits as show runner for Doctor Who THOUGHTS ON THIS WEEKS SHOWS Supergirl - Winn will turn into a villian, the new Toyman, since he can't have Kara Flash - Awesome to see the Turtle Man, who was Barry Allen's first foe in Showcase #4, get in on the new series Agent Carter - Two episodes back to back (Granted aired like a movie) is just too long with all the commerical breaks, nothing from these episodes stood out to me. Arrow - Mediorce start up to the second half the season , Speedy having issues of consciece, Felicity being paralyzed from the waist down is too 'Barbara Gordan-esq'... and Damian Dark storyline really seems to be running in circles DC Legends of Tomorrow - Arthur Darvill who played Rory on Doctor Who is the time traveling Rip Hunter... genius casting, though with him, John Barrowman and Alex Kingston in the DC TV Uninverse, wonder what other Doctor Who Alumni is coming along. Pilot episode itself was top notch, get a reminder of who these folks were on Arrow and Flash, what they can do, establish character dynamics, looks like its going to be a lot of fun OTHER NEWS THE FLASH MOVIE DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns broke down the backstory for the upcoming movie version of The Flash. Johns said this: Barry Allen… his mother is killed. His father is blamed for it, [and] put in prison. He becomes obsessed with forensic science. He wants to prove that his father was innocent. One night, working on his mother’s case, a bolt of lightning hits him and he gains super speed. THAT'S THE PLOT FOR FIRST EPISODE OF THE TV Series! So in short, it's going to confuse fans who have been watching the show and wondering that the hell is going on when the movie its with a different actor in the role. Now, this season on Flash, the character Wally West (who in the comics would succeed Barry Allan after he's killed) was recently introduced, so the only way this won't confused fans of the show is for Barry to be killed off, Wally steps in the role of the Flash, and the movie Universe gets Barry Alan as the scarlet speedster.

Let's Play Star Trek Online Reunion With The Bar Rodent

So we are in the Delta Quadrant... and just like with Star Trek Voyager... it isn't long until we run into Neelix. Who knew his character would live that long... and raises questions about how did he see his relationship with Kes going when she had a lifespan that was about a decade long.

That said, the title for this is of course a reference to an episode of Voyager entitled 'The Q and the Grey"where Q (played by John De Lancie) was seeking advice on how to whoo Captain Janeway... and while on the Holodeck, said to Neelix... 'YOU... BAR RODENT'... and 20 years later, it's a line that I think of when it comes to Neelix.

Oh the mission? Well starts off with a bit of light combat with the Khazon, and basically helping the Talaxians getting ready for their move to their new home world. Unlike some recent missions, there is no missing audio clues. The real down side in the mission is the battle with Malon... and one of the frustrating aspects of the Delta Quadrant portion of the game... the enemy ships being a special source of frustration.

You will be thanking me for editing down the space combat whenever possible from this point forward.

VIDEO LINK: Let's Play Star Trek Online Reunion With The Bar Rodent

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Commentary: Defending These Are The Voyages

First off, I am a big fan of Linkara and the work he does with 'Atop The Fourth Wall'... but this video is inspired by a comment he made during his awesome list of his 15 Favorite Star Trek episode where he refereed to the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise entitled 'These Are The Voyages...' as a kick to the crotch.

Now I freely admit, that I am a rambling idiot, but I do think the circumstances revolving around 'These Are The Voyages...'has to be taken into account, from the episode itself not being an actual series finale and wasn't intended to be as such (a cross-over and a flash-forward) to the mindset of UPN at the time with the direction they wanted their network to go in. At least that was my attempted goal with this video...

And yeah... I really need to get a shave...

VIDEO LINK: Defending These Are The Voyages

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let's Play Star Trek Online Don't Lose Your Mindscape

"The gateway to the Delta Quadrant has been opened, but we still have some loose ends to tie up with Dr. Cooper..."

So the saga of Dr. Cooper comes to an end, and numerous questions are raised as to what pushed him to have an all out war against the Federation, Klingons and Romulans? The theory proposed by Mela that he saw something while living among the humans certainly leaves the door wide open considering a number of missions that take place along the Federation story line (or at least did before certain missions were removed.)

Anyway, there is a lot to like about this mission, getting aboard Voyager for the 'first time' (at least when the mission first launched last year), interacting with Tuvok, Seven... blowing away Ensign Kim and The Doctor (not THAT Doctor, he'd regenerate!) are all highlights. Things do get a bit... tedious fighting the Undine in space, then again, I haven't really outfitted Sobar's ship with the best equipment that makes it a lot more frustrating than it needs to me (not to mention Voyager not exactly HELPING as much as one thinks it would).

I do make a joke in the vid about hearing three voices when Cooper speaks towards the end of the mission, and I'm not kidding. I've always had a bit of a knack to picking out audio tracks when listening to recorded voices, and there were three different ones, Cooper's 'human' voice in both the left and right channels, a deeper demonic voice in the left channel, and Cooper's 'undine' voice in the right channel. Blended together it's certainly a unique sound.

VIDEO LINK: Don't Lose Your Mindscape  

Monday, January 18, 2016

In Memory Of Glenn Frey

In Memory Of Glenn Frey

We lost another one today, a cornerstone of the Eagles, (The Band not the Football Team) Glenn Frey passed away today at the age of 67.

Surprisingly, my first encounter with his music was not anything related to the band he was a founding member of, it was actually thanks to this solo career, and music he contributed to films like Beverly Hills Cop (The Heat Is On) and Ghostbusters II (Flip City), and appearing on Miami Vice.

But it is his work with the Eagles that will be forever remembered by the majority of people, and just focusing on Glenn, I have to say he contributed perfectly to the bands harmonies, and certainly was a solid guitarist if over shadowed by other members of the band.

So my condolences to his friends and family.

VIDEO LINK: In Memory Of Glenn Frey

This Week's Comic Review #64 Priya's Shakti

To say that this week's comic book review is a bit different is an understatement, it's a PSA comic, something that is designed to draw the attention to a particular touchy subject matter. Now for more about the comic, be sure to visit its creator's website Now on to this weeks episode, which was recorded on December 19, 2015 (Yeah I film things way in advance)

My Review of the Comic (If you want to skip the video)

Right off the bat, this comic accomplishes it's goal of bringing forward and issue that is worth talking about. No woman should ever be violated, and the fact that this is still and issue and something that people don't want to bring up amazes me and not in a good way. The artwork is great in my view, and despite my own unfamiliarity with Hindu deities and Indian culture, the comic is presented in such a way where one can 'understand' both, even if as far as the culture goes, it's the seedy underbelly no one wants to know about.

VIDEO LINK: Episode #64 Priya's Shakti

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lets Play Grandia II: Goodbye Roan, Hello Tio and showdown with a brother

Wow... an epic four plus-hour gaming session, three big boss battles, lots of smaller battles... story resolution, character development... quite a bit was done this time around.

We lose little Roan, who of course turned out to be royalty, and I can't recall ever maxing out his abilities... particularly since I dump a lot of Skill Points into the books which probably prevented that. But his departure certainly carried weight in that the message of not being bound to the past was pretty much what went down with Ryudo and Melfice following the battle with him (amazingly I did not have anyone knocked out in SECOND fight with him).

Anyway, with Roan gone, he is replaced by Tio, an Automat or android. Basically she is a character that will be learning from being around Elena, Ryudo and Mareg, and I can tell you she has some epic 'feels' moments late in the game (that I recall). Of course I'm getting way ahead of myself. Her speed is really great, as it allows for her to stay on the offensive. (Granted if a quick glance at various online guides is any indication, I'm misusing every character...)

Now the horns of Valmar are in Ryudo, obviously that puts up a point of conflict with Millenia. It may seem resolved now, but it certainly will be a big plot point later in the game.

Anyway, be sure to keep an eye out over at my YouTube channel and on Twitter (@FredCasden) to be alerted for the next live stream!

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Dynamic Surface Tension

Due to how little actual game play there was in 'A Step Between The Stars' after editing it down to a 37 minute running time, I've left this mission 'uncut'... hell you get to hear my ring tone, which is the theme for the one and only Lass Kicker Becky Lynch.

Several months ago, I began the Adventures of Sobar, which saw him rise through the ranks of the Romulan Republic to being pretty much to the most competent officer with pointed ears. Every mission I played before now was in the year 2409, now we are in 2410.... and also Star Trek Online's anniversary is coming up next month! So the timing couldn't have been any better.

This mission is pretty much all action, no puzzles, just an all out battle against the Undine. This is a lot like the Deep Space Nine episode, 'Way of The Warrior' where it's a battle to fight off an overwhelming enemy. The space battles could seem but thankfully there are other ships involved to make them zip by quickly.

VIDEO LINK: Lets Play Star Trek Online: Dynamic Surface Tension

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tales From The TARDIS: The Survivors

Due to the nature of 'Tales From The Tardis', following the video are my notes for the episode summary. Think I covered everything, so you can see what I went over and how I wanted to say it.

Hello and Welcome To The Basement and Welcome To Doctor Who Tales From The TARDIS... This week we are going over part two of The Daleks, episodes called The Survivors.
We open with Ian, Susan and The Doctor searching for Barbara, and they enter a room full of machines, including a Geiger counter which tells them they are walking around unprotected in an environment full of lethal radiation... THAT CAN'T BE GOOD!

Realizing the serious of the situation, The Doctor admits that he sabotaged the TARDIS cause he really really REALLY wanted to see the city, hands the fluid link to Ian and says they should leave right away, leaving Barbara behind. However since The Doctor HANDED the fluid link to Ian, Ian says no they are searching for Barbara otherwise The Doctor is stuck on this planet. Also of note Susan sides with Ian in matter to search for Barbara, prompting the Doctor to snap at her for a brief moments.

Upon leaving the room, the trio are surrounded by The Daleks. Ian tries to make for a run for it and is shot... and does the whole 'My Legs... I can't Fell my legs!' routine... at least he's not in a wheel chair cause then he couldn't feel his wheels. Surprisingly The Daleks weapons only just paralyze his legs and doesn't out right kill him, they would loose this 'stun' ability over the course of the series. Anyway, the trio are reunited with Barbara in a Dalek holding cell.

After seeing that the four are quite ill with radiation sickness, The Daleks interrogate the Doctor, but instead it is he who gets information from them. They tell him they are the survivors of a great war with the Thals (the other inhabitants of the planet) and both races suffered mutations (this would get retconed in a big way years later). The Daleks are now confined to their travel machines and are limited to the borders of their city.

There is also a misunderstanding that the Daleks think the Doctor and his companions are Thals, but it makes him realized that the vials left outside the TARDIS in last week's episode were in fact the medicine they need, and obviously one of the four need to go retrieve them. Unfortunately, The Doctor and Barbara are too sick, Ian hasn't recovered from being shot... so that leaves Susan to head back. She makes her way back to The TARDIS and is followed by a mysterious figure a good deal of the way where she retrieves the vials, catches her breath and begins to make her way back. At the same time The Daleks discuss among themselves that they want the vials for themselves and let our heroes die.

VIDEO LINK: Tales From The TARDIS - The Survivors

Let's Play Grandia II: No Place Like Roan's Home

The adventured continued last night as I was trying out open broadcaster software to try and give my live streams more quality (I figured it out eventually), and what we got in this new episode is a lot of exploring monster slaying and even arm wrestling? Yeah that's right, it was a crazy portion of the game.

The big things we came across was of course the revelation that Roan's people are the 'Descendents of Darkness', those who fault with Valmar. That his father wants to open a gate that is beneath the castle... and that Melfice, Ryudo's brother, is also involved... and also that Ryudo can't win an arm wrestling match without Elena's help, and that whenever Elena is tired, Millenia comes out to play. Also there is that weird love triangle between the three.

That said, the game did crash on me last night which was rather unfortunate but I do save my game whenever possible! So next time we play we ressume right before where this video ended.

VIDEO LINK: No Place Like Roan's Home

Friday, January 15, 2016

Let's Play Grandia II: One Journey Ends... And Another Begins!

And we have another replay of my latest 'live broadcast' of Grandia II, we finally get Elena to St Heim Papal State where she meets Pope Zera. So Ryudo's job is finished right? WRONG! Turns out that the day of darkness is coming and thus the gang has been tasked to go find the divine sword.
Basically this entire session is getting Elena to meet Zera, and a lot of exposition to set up the next portion of the game. You also get a feeling that there is more to Millenia than what meets the eye with how she appeared on the proverbial 'dinner plate' of Lord Granas.
I also have a feeling that skipped over some pick ups on the Papal Road after leaving the Papal State, but everyone has the best armor and weapons, so we should be good for the next portion of the game.
Anyway... enjoy the replay everybody!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

In Memory Of Alan Rickman

Just days after we lost David Bowie, we lost actor Alan Rickman. As noted in my Video Log, I didn't see all of his work, and really only three of his films roles stand out to me (His roles in Die Hard, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Galaxy Quest). He certainly had a great presence and made the characters he played (Hans, The Sheriff and Dane) very like-able (granted two of these roles was playing a villain)
Don't know why did I go with the Galaxy Quest Theme for the opening and end

VIDEO LINK: In Memory Of Alan Rickman

Let's Play Grandia II: Eye See You (Live! Broadcast Replay!)

We return to the world Grandia II following a rather long 'live' broadcast over on YouTube... really wish I could see the chat like I can with Twitch, and the reason why I wasn't using Twitch is that half the time I can't tell if I'm broadcasting. Not to mention the uncertainty on if the broadcast is being recorded like with YouTube.

Anyway, onto what was accomplished: taking out the Eye of Valmar, which is always a heart wrenching battle, because unlike with the Tongue of Valmar whose host was a greedy slob, the host is little Aria, a sweet green haired girl who wants everyone to be happy. Unfortunately her desires has a negative effect on her village, and there are 'eyes' everywhere.

I probably missed a few pick-ups while in Aria's Mind / Dream Space, as I got turned around a number of terms.

The boss battle is pretty long, and I probably didn't take the best approach to it... that said I did avoid anyone getting knocked out (Granted just barely). The key to battle I think was taking out the floating eyes first, and then going piece by on the big pineapple looking creature.
And then prepare for the FEELS with Aira at the end...

9/22/2019 Sunday Night Overwatch